Monday, December 29, 2008

December Daily-Day 24

Christmas Eve we went to Jason's cousins for the Schultz/Gilchrist party. Mike and Pollie have a wonderful home perfect for large gatherings. Made even better by the amazing playroom! This area was set up like a classroom. Teagen was a natural, even yelling when the students got out of hand. Mike and Pollie have 3 little girls, and its like dress-up Heaven for T.

My pics are totally out of order...
Grady trying to make his escape.

My nephew, younger than Grady, but acts like such a big boy!

Summer and Gramma Joan sharing a moment.

The great gift explosion. The presents are passed out and then they all rip into theirs at the same time. Kinda crazy, but the kids love it.

The Schultz Family.
As you can see, Teagen refused to part with the dress-up.

Uncle Mike and Aunt Cathy. Cathy has had a medical emergency since 2 days ago now, and I believe she is still in the hospital. Prayers going out to her for a quick recovery.

Teagen was amazed by the double sinks in the bathroom. She just could not understand why one bathroom needs 2 sinks! Its the little things:)

This pic just cracked me up. Its Summer and Jess dressing up and I never noticed Jeremy peaking thru the rack!

Lots of fun, tons of food. Roads were a bit scary, but could have been worse. The hard part was that we got home late, and still had tons to do. We were up until midnight. Thank goodness for the 24 hours of "A Christmas Story" On TBS!


Shelly said...

Kenzie would be in her glory if she had a room that was set up like a classroom. Looks like you all had tons of fun and made wonderful memories.

Lea said...

All I can say about that play room is: WOW!!! I cannot IMAGINE a room like that! (Of course, having boys I don't have to worry about it...). Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time!! Isn't it funny how the simple things seem to amaze kids? (Like 2 sinks?) HA HA!

Kim :) said...

I love that pic of Mike &'ll have to send me that one :) Kathy is doing better...still in ICU but her red blood count is coming back up. I stopped after work today and she was quite talkative. She will probably be in the hospital for a few more days.