Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A break on the Daily

I am still taking tons of pics, just not downloaded yet. I feel like my brain is going a hundred miles an hour and my body is not keeping up. I am beat!

This morning, the kids got their last advent gift(new PJs and M&Ms), Jason is OFF for the 1st Christmas Eve in 7 years and he is putting some stuff together downstairs. Wrapping is done. I need to bake a Pineapple Upside Down Cake for dinner with the Gilchrist/Schultz Party tonight. Usually we go to Flanders' Christmas tonight as well, but the weather and rushing has told me to just let it go this year. I'm a bit sad over it, but also relieved to cut down on the craziness. Doing my best to keep the house decent. I HATE a messy house Christmas Eve. IT just gets insane Christmas morning.

So tomorrow, we will get up and do our family gifts and stockings and such, and very leisurely get ready for my Dads for the afternoon/evening. I love all the parties, but Christmas day is such a relief! It's cozy comfy sweatshirts and jeans and monkey bread. Its very excited and grateful children. Its taking the long way to Whitehall so that the kids catch a nap. Its very very good.

We have 2 more parties this weekend. We are supposed to go back to Donna's to visit with more family, and Christmas with Jason's Dad and Joan is Saturday at Brandon and Laura's house in Dorr. And it will be fun, but then I am ready to be done!

So Merry Christmas to Everyone reading, my blogger girls and the lurkers( I know you are out there!) my family and my friends. Wishing everyone safe journeys and warm hearts.


Theresa said...

Merry Christmas! We are heading to Whitehall too! Drive safe on the icy roads!

I cannot WAIT to see all your pics! I LOVE your pics!

Lea said...

Merry Christmas!! BTW - I LOVED your Christmas card!!! Sounds like you too have a crazy busy schedule....just remember to take some time to really take it all in and enjoy!!!

Mandy said...

Merry Christmas! I hope you guys had a great Christmas! Keep taking awesome pictures and I can't wait to see them