Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Girl Turns 9

Its a good thing we've been too busy to to really think about the fact that she is a year away from double digits. Man, does time fly. She really wanted a party this year, and because I actually remember what it was like being 9 and knowing how great a good birthday party can be, we put together a Candy Shoppe Party. FYI-Fridays are great for parties, I did it right after school, only 1 out of 8 girls couldnt make it, and you are not messing with anyones weekend plans! I picked the girls up at school(some of their parents dropped them off at the house) we did snacks, 2 crafts, gifts and then pizza and rootbeer(or Orange Pop) floats. No cake for the party due to the Candy Shoppe theme.
Napkin rings from candy dots...

dipped pretzels with a gummy assortment...

The sweets table...

wesco popcorn;)

I used leftover candy melts from the butterflies and dipped Oreos!

The girls filled goodie bags with all the sweets and broght them and a coke when we went back to the school for family move night. Moms picked the kids up after the movie.

I didnt take any pics of the crafts, but we did beaded braclets and fluffy flip flops(where you tie strips of fabric all up and down the straps)
We are so lucky that Summer has a great group of friends(finally!) I really enjoyed hanging out with them and hearing them goof around. They even really included Teagen, which made her life complete!!

And I think my girl had the best time ever, at least that is what she keeps telling us:)