Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I like

I like out-of-the-blue drives to the shore.

I like getting a glimpse as to how big our world is.

I like to try to jump over waves.

I like being the only ones there.

I like little kids in sunglasses.

I like sandy feet(and everything else!)

I like sunshine that comes and goes.

I like the smell of sunscreen, bonfires and BBQ.

I like birthday cakes made by kids covered with all their favorite candies.

I like spending time with family, talking into the wee hours about nothing and everything around a BIG fire.
I like little kids who do their best to stay awake with the adults. And then need their sleepy bodies carried to the car and then to their beds once home.

I like long summer days.
I like being able to escape into air conditioning when it gets to be too much.
I like sleeping with a fan blowing on me all night.

I like to see the storms roll in. But not so much when sitting on the pier with Jason, when after seeing a lightning strike, you hair begins to stand up on end from all the electricity in the air. Yikes.

I like spending a rare day alone with with Jason, wandering about.
I like that he's willing to try new things with me like Ahi Tuna. When I met this man, he charred the life out of everything he ate.
I like old friends that once back together again, its like no time has past.

I like gangley little girls who swim until their eyes get puffy and red.

I like my crazy fun-lovin Dad.

I like seeing my my extended family and never want days like that to end. They are far and too few between.

I like fun-filled, action packed, easy-going lovely summer weekends.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The 2009 Beard Saga, Part II

I think this was worth the wait.

When viewing the following photos, keep in mind that he did this Saturday night. His family and coworkers have been staring and shaking their heads ever since. Its like he fell into a time warp that shot him here from 1975.
Kinda scary. Kinda funny.

Mostly funny.
But if that wasn't enough, I came home from my Dad's last night to this....

Poor Teagen was so disgusted at the sight of that shirt, she made him promise to sell it in a yard sale. (he did the sleeves himself with a steak knife. He'll be taking orders for anyone who's interested.)

Happy to report that this was the LAST photo ever taken of the Chops of '09.

He's moved on again.

to be continued...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The 2009 Beard Saga, Part I

My friends know that Jason somehow stumbled into growing a beard over the course of the hockey season.
My friends know that I too am a hockey fan.
But not a beard fan.
The funny thing is, Jason has never been able to grow a beard. It's red and crazy and comes in really sparse, blah, blah, blah...I'll spare the details. He committed to it, and it grew.
But our Wings lost. So its goodbye to the beard.
Anyway, this is what he had as of Saturday...
I actually started to like it. He does look much older, and I am not sure that's good or bad. I just kinda got used to it.

But it doesn't look like this anymore.
Prepare yourselves, people.

To be continued....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's getting warmer

Here's one I bet you never heard before...
Wow, what a busy weekend!!!
Am I right?
Well, anyway...Friday was crazy with hair appointments and friend fun, and dinner out with my Girls up in Shelby to celebrate Theresa's B-Day. Good stuff, but I was without camera, so just imagine too much fried food, insane giggling, a twisted knee, and 1 lemon drop too many.

Saturday I was up early to head to my inlaws where a yard sale was underway. We did alright. not much work for $80 and a lot less crap in my house.
After the sale, Jason arrived with the kids and we packed up and drove around to give them all a much needed nap.
And ended up at Dog and Suds for a $35 dinner.
Yeah, $35 at a hot dog joint.
There goes half the yard sale earnings. The only shot at the criminally expensive restaurant. My 3 monsters in a phone booth.

Then it was too my Dad's to help raise the dock that has been close to being underwater with all the rain.
My Teagen girl...

Mr. Reid.

Don't these guys look like cranberry farmers?
Especially Gary. Like he's doing an Ocean Spray commercial.

The boys.
No lie, they were discussing in a two-year-old manner the finer art of "who tooted?"
Reid admitted that it was him.
Then it was off on an adventure to help Grandpa let his friend's dog out.

Reid is running to catch up because he had taken a pit stop to pee in the lake.
I love Reid.
I am scared being the mama of a boy.
I just don't get it.

My sweet angel who NEVER does anything remotely disgusting.
He wants to climb on this boat.

A baby turtle we found. Grady picked it up. Until it poked its head and legs out and he totally freaked! I think Grady thought it was a rock.

Oh and I found millions of these guys.
When you get past staring at my freaky hand, look how tiny that thing is!

Here he is with a normal sized toad. my Dad was a bit concerned that the big one would eat the little one.
But it was all OK.

Oh and they swam. Weirdos. It was like 8:30 at night.

My Summer love....

And I leave with a shot of my Favorite Boys.
Awe, melts my heart.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hey Hockey Fans!!

Yep there is a little spirit in this house and the kids have caught it too!
I found these on the table.
Too freaking adorable.
Lets GO Red Wings!
(and finally good bye to Jason's red beard. Who would have thought this would go to game 7?)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The rain has been good for something...

The flowers look incredible.

These are a perennial the Jason and I put in like 8 years ago. They are a type of geranium and spread like wildfire. Which is good since they are planted with the ivy that is probably 100 years old.
And speaking of our fabulous hearty ivy, I have to say that it was a tough winter and I was scared by what I saw this spring:

Lots of dead and bear stuff. A neighbor even commented on it! That ivy is a big part of our landscaping.

But even if it doesn't look perfect, it is coming back, and will eventually be fine. I wonder if we cut it back too far last year or pruned too late in the season. I really have no clue.

These planters immediately had me falling in love with this house on that rainy Saturday 10 years ago. Not that there was anything remarkable about what was in them. The only original plants still here are the ivy, lily of the valley in the back yard, and a sad little holly bush. We've done a lot, and it has mostly been Jason. I've been a bit busy with babies the past few years:)
baby Sunflowers making their way.

The Rhododendron that survived the 8 feet of snow. Her sister is in ICU. Prognosis is bad. I actually think these are kind ugly, aside from really nice BIG blooms. When they get big, they are all narley and weird.

my little hoser.

I have the urge to plant fresh herbs. Jason laughed at me when I told him. He's right, but I think I am still going to do it. If I can find a spot without sunflower already planted there.