Friday, March 26, 2010

friday fill-ins we go!
1. The right words never comes to me when I need them.

2. Go to bed, and shut the door quietly, please.

3. Up an at 'em" is something my Dad always said when we were kids. Except I always thought he was saying,"up and adam" and wondered what Adam had to do with it.

4. Home is where you'll find me. Usually.

5. Ooh! What is that mascara/eyeliner/perfume you have on?

6. Getting to bed earlier is a good idea.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to working? not so much...tomorrow my plans include Going to Bob and Joan's for Jason's B Day dinnerand Sunday, I want to get some stuff done around the house, help Summer finish her project on Michigan, and just hang with my people.
Have a fabulous weekend!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Through the Eyes of an Eight Year Old

For Christmas, This girl... got a real digital camera. Not a kids camera, but one with higher megapixils than what I carry. I finally got around to downloading her pics and I discovered 400 little gems on this memory card. Here is a glimps as to what I found.

No less than 20 shots of Bling-Bling.

Cats do not like flash photography.

Chase is pretty good a hiding out most of the time, only 8 pics of her. But she was caught in the act of sleeping in Summer's bed.

And searching for abandoned pop tarts.

She took her camera twice ice fishing. She has learned that Schultz men cannot always be responsible for documenting some of these "fun" times. And goodness knows mom will not be venturing out there.

Pics of Kennedy when she was here for New Years Eve...

And about 45 photos of Grady looking like this...

and this...
Or this...

And even this!

But its OK when you have a little sister who want to be the next Vanna White.

I can't wait to see what kind of pictures she takes this spring when we are outdoors. In December, this is all there is:
Everyone does self portraits. But 12 photos of your feet? Really?
Is this not the pic used for every teenagers profile on facebook?

love this:

No lie, 26 shots of stuffed animals.

And a few from the apparent STAR of our house, 36, yes, 36 photos of my poor Griffin dog.
The poor tortured animal.

two shots of TV shows. I am guessing they were scenes she never wants to forget.

26 photos for Teagen on her birthday.
And lets see, what else...
4 photos of Grady sleeping. In the dark.
2 of the celing fan.
5 of her American Girl sleeping in her bed.
and 3 of a paper plate with a face drawn on it.

The kids got a lot of time on her hands;)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Teagen Turns Five

Teagen's day was pretty action packed, but really its the way to do it for preschoolers. And most importantly, keep it simple, make it special. Right? All I can say is thank the Lord for Family Fun Magazine that arrived about a week before her birthday. They covered my class treat and her special cupcakes(at the end of this post). Here are the treats: we have a milk allergy kid in her class. He is really sweet about not caring when he cannot have chocolate of whatever, but I like to try to find things that include everyone. Skittles+Starburst=milk-free!!
If you cant tell, its snack size baggies with clothespin butterfly bodies. The instructions called for glue and glitter sprinkling on the bodies, but I was able to find sheets of self adhesive glitter foam that I just cut in strips and covered the clothespins. add googly eyes and pipe cleaners(fold the tips of the pipecleaner so they are not so pokey) clip in the middle of the baggie and ta-da! Butterflies. What a hit. We now use the bodies as chip clips.(btw- you can get the baggies,eyes,pipecleaners and clothespins ALL at Dollartree. The glitter foam sheets are at the walmart. Easy-peasy)

And because I am insane, I invited the girls from Teagen PreK to our house for lunch on her actual birthday. On a Tuesday. In the middle of the day. When I am alone. With no help. When I have a three year old son. When I worked 4 days straight before the party. After I had a root canal. And I am a total baby. and I promised facepainting. ON A TUESDAY. A.L.O.N.E. what is wrong with me?
Thank you to the 3 moms who hung around. thank you thank you thank you.
It wasn't bad. It could have been. I know from experience. When Summer was in PreK, I invited her entire class(because her friends were mostly boys). I think 10 showed. All dropped off, some getting picked up WAAAYY late. Rachael helped me with that one, but we were both SUPER pregnant and Teagen was a baby. That was one of my craziest moments ever. EVER.

(lovin that BK crown, arnt you? They get them in class. Tea really thought it was somethin'. We dont do BK around here much.)

A cutie face...

Anyway, advice from a party mom:
Simple is GOOD. I planned on pizza, but at the last minute I decided to do tea sandwiches of Nutella, jam, and peanutbutter. I had a bowl of cheetos and a plate of fruit. I also had on the table the leftover skittles and starburst, and a little dish of plastic jewel ring I found for a buck. The cupcakes we on a cake stand, I used 2 dollar store table cloths, layered and bought cheap as heck valentine leftover napkins and table supplies. IF YOU HAVE GIRLS, GO CRAZY AT THE AFTER VALENTINES DAY SALES. Everything I bought was all rainbow-y with hearts and just super cute. And extremely cheap. Like less than a dollar. I have a set of paper lantern that I put up, stuck some balloons to the chairs. DONE.
I did this all in the 3 hours she is in school. not bad.
So all we did was have lunch, play, open gifts, play and facepaint, and then cake and icecream. I planned on a game, but the girls had more fun just playing together. It goes to show that not every minute needs to be planned out.
Oh and I did goodie bags(barbie makeup I purchased at 80% off after Xmas!!) as parting gifts. brilliant idea for 4 year olds that dont want to leave:)
Later that day, we had a more relaxed family evening of gifts and dinner out. Chinese!
I think it was Teagen's barbie year.

The Cupcakes!! Totally recommend. They were beautiful! Its a white cake that you mix up and divide into 6 bowls. Tint the colors of the rainbow, and layer by spoonfuls into cupcake liners. Easy with an awesome outcome.

A special day for my girl. She is such an awesome kid. I'll have to do her 5 year photoshoot this week. Cannot believe that munchkin is 5!!!