Monday, July 28, 2008

We "Picked" a great week for camping.

At least that's what Grady says... But it was truly beautiful. We were just at Pioneer Park. Lots of memories from when I was a kid camping there with my grandparents. We went with Mya and Jason and their 3 kids, Mya's folks Connie and Randy and Dale and Melissa and their 3 girls. The guys( except Randy) all went to work every day except Friday(and then they all played volley ball 1/2 the day!) and us ladies held down the fort(read-went to the beach).
Here's a few fave memorable moments from the week...

Summer lost her 1st tooth!!!!! Who knew the tooth fairy visits campers!
This is Big Summer, Sara and Autumn. missing from pic....Little Summer. These girls were on their bikes ALWAYS. New found freedom is so sweet.
My Tea-Tea. I cant believe I don't have any pics of her and Chaley together. Teagen also attached herself to Mya. Very unusual for Teagen to stray from my side, ever.
But some of the best stuff happened after the kids all crashed. Dale played guitar and Melissa played ukulele at the fire each night( we are all a music-lovin' crew) One night we got a "last final warning" from a 20 yr old park ranger for being too loud and he made everyone dump their beer(oops!!) Another night Melissa and I ventured to the beach to see the stars when someone lit a firecracker(that went BOOM!) near us and we jumped into each others arms screaming like little girls and then we RAN us the steps as fast as we could laughing at ourselves for being such dorks.And of course no night would be complete without sitting up late and listening to Jason W.'s words of wisdom. Sorry if we teased you a little bit, its all in good fun and we love ya.

And finally, thank you to Bob and Joan for loaning us their awesome trailer. I hope it looked great when we returned it. Because of you guys, we were able to stay for more than a day or 2(all I can handle in a tent) And Melissa,Connie and Mya, thank you guys for such a great time. Your help with my little ones was crucial and Connie and Randy can cook up a storm at a camp ground.

Now its back to reality!

Some of our camping gang

This is Colby(Mya's middle child) pushing Grady. Grady worshipped her "big" boys!
The bike Parade was on Friday night. There were like 100 kids in it. Pretty cool.
This is Mya's hubby, Jason. When you call for Jason around camp you get two responses. I also have the same situation with Summer. Dale and Melissa's youngest is named Sumer too. but we just call them Big Summer and Little Summer. We cant do that with the guys. It would just be rude!
Dale and Melissa. We alway have so much fun with you guys!
And Miss Chaley. Mya and Jason's youngest. Her and Teagen became fast BFF. So sweet. They played for hours without arguing at all. Teagen misses her already!

I really didnt take all the pics I wanted. That kinda bums me out, but I also didnt want my camera attached to me at all times that week. There is nothing of me or Mya and not even my husband! Oh well, still love what I got!

Camping pictures

In reality, Teagen only had a couple of moody moments. Buts she's just so dang cute that I have to capture it on the camera!
Yes Kelly, I fed your son doughnuts for breakfast. He hated them. Kept asking for fresh kale leaves. Cant you tell? Silly Leighton!
Grady rocked the drums. They belong to Melissa's girls and they made them at Blissfest. We are so making those this week. Major hit.
Summer Jaye decked out for the bike parade.

And the Camp Dog. Starsky protected us from deadly skateboarders and rollerbladers. He hates them. He belongs to Connie and Randy.

Friday, July 25, 2008


We are camping all week with 3 other couples. Have to come home to take care of the dog. Its been fun and crazy. I'll post more later!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

NOT so much to say

Had a lovely beach day yesterday. Met Mya and her crew down there. So gorgeous. We had so much fun that we are doing it again on Friday. However, I own 2 Cal Tan SPFs. 15 and 30. got 'em mixed up and covered us all with 15. Kids are fine. I am a bit crispy. So not really in the mood for saying much. Using Total Insurance Gel around the clock(think middle of the night). Uggh.

Note-Added 2 new songs to my playlist. For the record, I want the second one played at my funeral. Yes even 50 years from now. SO beautiful.

Friday, July 11, 2008

SO Much Love

I have no words for all the amazing comments,emails,and phone calls for my birthday. Thank you for making me feel so special. I had no idea. I was in tears. Love you.
And I found this little beauty on Post Secret this week and it touched me.
I am so beyond impressed that this comes from a 17 yr old. I want to try to adapt this into my life. I've not feared aging , but the media is starting to wear me down. I think I could use a good eye cream. Or not.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

This is 31

Whats the big deal? I personally am loving my 30s. (I know I'm not that far in, but still) I feel more grounded, have a bit more direction, have a LOT more patients. Basically I know who I am and who I am not. But I am still open to new things and experiences. I've learned so much but still realize that there is SO. MUCH.MORE. I think my priorities are in order(finally). I am a wife but not just a wife. I am a Mom, but there is still a lot more going on in here. It lies a bit dormant for now, but i am still here. As the kids get older I hope to continue to find balance.
I was telling Rachael yesterday that birthdays are a much better time for resolutions than New Years. Honestly I am so drained after the holidays that I cannot focus on starting positive changes. But in July, I can actually put a little thought into it. So I am going with a couple words that sum up what I want in my life. I want to be more AWARE. Quit going through the motions and actually take in all that is good around me. Not take it for granted. Want to be aware of what goes into my body. Seriously,how may cans of diet Pepsi do I really need to get through the day? and yes, I did steal 1/2 of Grady's fries in his Happy Meal yesterday. But I never really thought about it. It comes down to never knowing how much longer we will be here so I want to live without regrets. Joy. another word to live by this year. I will be watching for it in simple things. i hope to find it at those time when my brain says it can't be there but my heart knows different. I want to create joy.

So, I think my new outlook on life is sending some good karma my way because look at what I got for my birthday from my fabulous hubby....

Oh my. Its so lovely. I think I am going to name her. I have much to learn, that's for sure. The kids got me a new office chair for my studio(leather so that the cat hair wont stick!) We went to El Burrito for dinner with my family and I had all these giant gifts at the table! My Dad and Cindy gave me the pro paper trimmer that I've been drooling over(sorry, non-paper people will never understand this need)and Rachael went way overboard. She found these 2 enormous glass apothecary jars a little scrapbook goodie and she made me a stunning bracelet. I will post a pic later because I cannot describe how amazing it is. She has been doing soldering in her "spare"time and literally made every component on it. I love love love it. Dinner was wonderful(as always) and I ordered a medium margarita (there was nothing medium about it) and then they brought me another one for a penny! Yikes. I guess I am a bit entertaining in that state.
The past year was so great and just flew by. I don't expect anything less for this next year. I think its going to be even better. I know it is.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

We spent the 4th across the lake(Muskegon Lake) at the Conservation Club Where Bob & Joan were camping. The kids played, Summer got to try out her new fishing pole. Perfect view for fireworks.
The hours catch. So fun! One right after another. But they all went back in the lake to grow bigger. Jason wasn't really into cleaning fish that night.
Walking back to camp.

Teagen doing her best alien impression. BTW-I bought 30 glow sticks(instead of sparklers) and had enough for just about every kid camping there! It cost me 2 bucks.
Happy 4th of July weekend! I am going to sleep for a few days now;)

Great Wolf

The Deal or No Deal video game in the Arcade was a blast! Summer won 150 tickets!
Jason agreed to some of the ridiculous tourist traps there, including the airbrush tattoos. The girls felt SO special! This is Teagen's tiny foot.
And here they are in their cute little bunks.
I am certain I have never spent so much time in the water in my life. I still smell the chlorine. Its so funny to me that kids never want to get out. Not even long enough to eat a little something or get a drink. We pretty much let Summer loose. Just taking turns locating her throughout the park. That was a new and nerve-racking experience for me. I guess its time to let her grow up a little. But my little Teagen stayed by my side the whole time. Only occasionally getting brave enough to inch away on her own. She really grew to love the water over the 2 days.Lost some of her fear, which was great.
Summer loved the GIANT bucket that splashed down every 5 minutes. Until she got too close and it totally blew her over and she whacked her head and elbow, hard. She was much more cautious after that. Teagen kept clear of that whole thing.

Oh, did I miss Grady. Dropping him off with Donna had me crying all the way to the expressway. That totally took me by surprise. Not something I tend to have a problem with. But I think I just felt so bad that he was all alone(without a sister) and we were going to go have fun without him. Believe me he had a blast. He got to be the center of attention and was loved on by Gramma and Grampa Kahny(visiting from Cincinnati) too. I am glad he wasn't there. I would be crazy chasing him. And the girls were beyond good. They were amazing. Best little friends.

All in all, so fun. I do have my complaints. Not as clean as I would have expected. Next time we will try Double JJ. And by then I'll be ready to chase after Grady.

And the best week ever rambles on and on, and on....

A shot of Summer and Kennedy giving Papa Rocky his b-Day gifts.
Grady at the Bonfire. His favorite pose.(Saturday)
The girls with Jason after their 18 holes of mini golf.(Sunday) I have no pics of The Zoo on Monday. I have to get with my MIL on that...
Great Wolf Lodge..:) (Tues & Weds)

Thursday afternoon I took the girls to see Wall-E. Very cute movie. we only had 2 bathroom breaks!

Friday I got out alone with Rachael and we went to Art in the Park, Target and lunch at Red Robin. Came home and packed the gang up to have dinner with the Bob and the Joan at the Conservation Club and had a fab view of the Summer Cel fireworks.

Today we were so stinkin' tired that we have done nothing.( I feel so guilty, it was such a gorgeous day) A camp out is on "the List". We compromised and blew up the air mattress in the living room and rented movies. I am really tired of dirty kids and sunscreen and bug spray and campfire smoke. We are all (currently) clean. I hope to try to remain that way at least until noon on Sunday.