Friday, December 10, 2010

December 10th- Teagen

Tea had a half day today, so with a little push from Jason, I took her to get her hair cut. She has only ever had it trimmed a tiny bit, and anyone who has seen her in the last year or two, knows there was an Amish/Rapunzel thing going on with it. She was ready for a change.

BAM-Instant Teenager(you can see it, can't you? Ugh.) Buts she's adorable.
Rough weekend ahead, overflowing with memories. I am working a lot, which will hopefully prove to be a blessing in keeping my mind occupied. Some things never change, no matter what, however full your life is(and mine is, really!!!) the empty place left behind when we lose someone is forever hollow. Its like I keep waiting for the day when it isn't.
But I know better.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December 8th(I am aware I missed yesterday, sue me)

Took the kids to "Tangled" after school today. We got a giant soda and tub of popcorn, and it was only us and a couple of older ladies in the whole theater. Fun! Such a great movie. Disney never disappoints(in my opinion) and this is def another favorite.
After, we drove past the Bat n Club and stopped to watch their light show. It took us a few minutes(and a huge flashing sign) to realize it was set to music and we could tune it into the car(like a drive in!) Duh. But we loved it. So fun, we will certainly be stopping back to check it out again before Christmas.

Monday, December 6, 2010

December Daily 12/6/10 lake effect

After my scary ride home last night, it continued to snow here. I was certain that we were in the running for a snow day.
No luck there(YET).
I don't hate snow. I actually like it, especially in December. By Feb., I've had enough and I am ready for a change. I am better at driving in it, go a fast as I feel comfortable and screw the rest.

I do feel for Jason who has cleared our slope of a driveway for 11 years, mostly by shovel.

Poor Grady doesn't get to go outside for recess in the winter. Too much work and time to get 15 preschoolers bundled up when they are only in school for 3 hours. But goodness know I am not going out in cold! Well, today I did. But so did Jason, because after I took this shot, I was back inside! LOL!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 5th- I got nothin.

I know, right? LAME. Sad that I have to admit that. For real, here's todays run down:

-rolled outa bed, and basically straight to the grocery store.
-home 2 HOURS later-geesh.
-picked up the house, made muffins
-did laundry the kids played, and Jason did some house stuff and watched football.
-get myself cleaned up
-went to work(Friends and Family Night=CRAZY TOWN)
and after a rotten, horrible, very bad drive home in a blizzard, I am home, with my baby. Having a beer.
Thats it. I guess they can't all be winners:)
But I put a HUGE dent in my shopping tonight. Got some killer deals, and that makes me SO happy!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

December Daily 12/04/10 CHEERS!

The hubby and I went to his company Christmas party tonight at The Brownstone. Kids were at Papa Rocky's. Nice night, fun to get to be just "Jason & Jenn" for a couple hours.
*best line of the night: Grandma Cindy in the bathroom with Grady and he says,"Gramma, why are you so young and Grandpa is so old?" LOL, Sorry, Dad!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Dember 3rd-back on track (sorta)

Thankfully, after a long night with my little guy(thank you cable TV for all night pre-school cartoons) he's doing better. Never had a fever, just the,ya know, VOMIT. Anyway, I am dead tired, made it through a really cool face painting job, and need to go to bed.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more eventful, in a good way:)

Super-cute thing: Summer often begins to feel sick when someone else in the house actually is sick(can't really blame her). So last night she was sure she was ill. I was at work, but she was asking for me(kinda rare, its usually Jason she wants) and Jason was dealing with Grady's messes. Teagen layed with Summer and just talked to her until she felt better. It was so sweet, and Teagen was very proud to be able to take care of her big sister♥

Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2nd- Bump in the road...

Short post, no pic(you can thank me later). I have a super sick little boy. And from a boy who has been sick maybe twice in his whole 4 years, it isn't pretty. I'm sleeping on the couch, and have the coffee maker set.
Its going to be a long night.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Daily (2010 style) December 1st

*blows dust off the ol blog*

2 years ago, I committed to the December Daily. I was inspired by the great Ali Edwards. Basically, its scrapbooking your holiday with all the traditions, celebrations and goings on. Because I know ME, I blogged each day of December, so that I would have something to refer back to when completing the scrapbook 6 months later(OK-it still not totally done, but that beside the point).

Anyway, since then my art have veered a bit away from the paper arts, so scrapbooking is not on my radar right now. However, I realized that I still have a lot of wonderful memories from that December. I credit the December Daily for reminding me to stop. take a photo. NOW. This moment is worth remembering. Plus, if you have to blog something, you are sure as heck going to try to do more, make the days count. Does that make sense? Its not like every day has to be this huge crafting-cookie baking-decorating extravaganza! Its about watching the Grinch on ABC Family, or plucking a Hershey's Kiss from the Advent calendar.

I will do my very very best to keep up:) Here goes!

December 1st, 2010

The kids were invited to make ornaments for our Credit Unions Christmas tree and here are some cute(cheap) kits I found at Target. Each kit made 2 ornaments so we got to keep one from each kid.
And Summer's:

They are super cute, and totally fool proof. The kids were proud to turn them in for $5 birdy bucks at the CU, and the ladies there just LOVED them!