Monday, December 1, 2008

December Daily-day 1

I decided that my blog is the best way to organize my December Daily album, especially since I do not print photos at home and if I stop a Walgreen's every day for a single photo purchase I am sure they will come up with some kind of nickname for me.

So I begin with our advent calendar. Notice the tiny pockets. They were fine when it was only Summer and I could stick a little Hershey's kiss in there for her. And then later, I squeezed 2 mini candy bars for the girls. But 3? No way. So I am putting clues in each pocket for them to find their treats somewhere in the house. The last day, is a big clue and it leads them to new PJs to wear to bed on Christmas Eve. I spent some time this afternoon writing clues and I am about half done. I made the mistake of trying to make them rhyme. For instance:
We've got something for you-
I think its your fave-
You should go check out the microwave!
Christmas is almost here!
You can find a treat where dad keeps his beer!

So needless to say, its a lot of work for me;)

So when discussing this project with Rachael, she recalled that mom had an advent calendar that we just opened little doors each day and there was a different Christmas picture inside. For the 1st time I realized that it was an old cardboard one that ONCE had a chocolate behind every door! She just kept bringing it out each year! Rachael and I never knew what we were missing! Getting all excited over a picture of a mouse under a Christmas tree....


Ramblings of a Crazy Mom said...

What an awsome idea. A scavenger hunt every day of the month. I might have to borrow your idea. My kids would have a ton of fun with this.

Julie said...

That is very ambitious of you, but oh so fun for the kids.
When the girls were little I did the calendar thing also, but I put 3 m&ms in each little opening. Pretty exciting uh
Love your pics of the kids, cana't wait to see all of you~

Melissa O. said...

Hope your kids are better at waiting than me. It was probably my mistake to put the Littlest Pet Shop advent calendar in their bedroom, but who really wants that on their kitchen counter. At least 20 of the doors have been opened up already and it only December 1. At least they put most of the items back after checking them out. I would have done the same thing when I was 4 too.

hien k. d. said...

this is such a cool idea, Jennie! i love it. :) when we were little, my brother and i used to leave clues and hide things for each other. so much fun!

Kristin said...

I am having the same problem with "filling for three". I have come up with some small ideas, but they are kinda corny...oh well, what can you do???

It is the thought that counts. Still, after all of these years you remember your advent calendar and in was "empty". I think if you make it "a big deal", they will think it is. That is my hope anyway. I am "filling" as we go. I know my babies, they are like their mom, NOTHING can be a secret...let's check it ALL out!!!

Keep up the GREAT Christmas traditions. How is that "mood" of yours??? :)!!!!