Monday, December 15, 2008

December Daily-Day 13

Saturday was our annual Cookie Day in Mason at my Aunt Julie's.We had a great(quiet) ride over. If you don't know what Cookie Day is, this is it in a nutshell: My mom's side of the family gets together before Christmas, My Aunt Linda and Uncle Dan bake dozens and dozens of sugar cookies that we all(and I do mean ALL) decorate until they are done. I believe the recipes have been handed down from my Great Grandma. These are the same cookies I grew up with my mom baking for every special occasion. They have a very light lemon flavor. The best cookies I have ever eaten. EVER. But my Gramma did make a special batch of peanutbutter cookies for Jason with snickers in them that are a close 2nd for me;) Grady's first time participating in decorating.

The girls took the task very seriously.

Lucky Kristy got the seat next to Grady. I later sat in that seat and strangely my my right side was covered in frosting and sugars. Grady was pretty liberal with the ol frosting.

Especially when it was going straight to his mouth...(and onto his shirt)

My Grandpa and my Uncle Jim. The guys actually got a bit creative. Rubbing in U of Ms loss to MSU earlier this year. Jason took it well. He is used to being outnumbered by state fans in my family. Maybe next year Jason will have his revenge and make several Wolverine cookies.

My Uncle Dan. Dan is the main cookie man. He takes a day off work to cut and bake all these cookies. He and my Aunt Linda put a lot of work into this.

My cousins Amy and Lisa, 2 of Julie and Jim's daughters. Kristy in the photos with Grady is their other daughter. Lisa is in the art program at Grand Valley and doing really really well. I got to see some of her work and its just amazing. I am a bit jealous:)


We visited, the kids exchanged gifts and we took lots of pictures.

Teagen got some new Bitty Baby supplies and was the proud mama all night.

And the whole gang.

Good-Byes are hard:(

Teagen hugging Aunt Julie before we left.

Our ride back was fine at first. But once we got halfway through Grand Rapids, it got nasty. What an ice storm! Of course once you cross into Muskegon County, you may just as well give up. No salt anywhere. I am a horrible passenger, Jason is a great driver(do not tell him I said that). I spent the last part of the trip with my face in my iPod or playing with my phone so that I didn't look at the road or traffic.

We have tons more traveling to do this season, hopefully the rest will be easier and uneventful. But I am of course so happy that we made it. I fell like the season has officially begun!


Shelly said...

I love that tradition Jenn, how comforting it must be to be using the same receipe your Mom once used. I am full of tears, you are amazing!!!

Mandy said...

I love it...I have never seen someone make so many cookies to decorate! What a great tradition! I love it! Glad you guys made it home safely and then it's on to the next!! Good luck!!

Life in the Fast Lane said...

Holy moly that is a lot of cookies! What a wonderful tradition to have with your mom's side of the family and what a great way to share a part of her with your kids. I'm sure she is loving it looking down on all of you.
Glad you made it home safe and sound, I think we are in for a long winter. I am the same way when riding passenger. I am known to let out these huge gasps at the smallest little bit of anything.

Lea said...

What a wonderful tradition!! I often wish we had traditions like that. Our family is pretty small, so we take what we can get! It's great knowing you are sharing these moments reminicing about your mom too!!
The cookies look amazing!! For us, the good 'ol break and bakes is as good as it gets! HA HA!

Doll Clothes Gal said...

Looks like a great and yummy day was had by all.

Kristin said...

I am glad that you had a wonderful time, made great cookies, loved your family, took awesome pictures, and most important made it home safely!

Merry Christmas...enjoy the is going to go REALLY fast now!!!

Jodi said...

I love the tradition and all, but I was totally struck by the pics of the men decorating cookies...and really getting into it. I am touched that this is a tradition that is taken so seriously and you can pass along to your Uncle Dan that a crazy girl from your hometown wants him to know that she is thankful for him...and men like him everywhere! I think Keith would help out if I asked him to and told him it is important to me, but that isn't even the point really. Awww...I am a bit speechless and a little overwhelmed...with Christmas joy! What a great subject for my December Daily. :)

Theresa said...

Can I join you next year?(J/K) looks like FUN!! I have my own cookies...I need to get the sugar ones going though!!! Can I get that recipe? LOOKS YUMMY!