Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Battle of '09

( he named himself "Diaper Dan".)

(some stickers that came in the mail today, perfectly appropriate.)

Words of wisdom:
Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
Don't I know it:)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hoops for Hope

Saturday I was volunteering down at Pere Marquette at the the 1st annual Hoops for Hope. My friend Leslie put this 3 0n 3 basketball tournament to raise proceeds for MS.
My job was running a face painting booth with another person. SO fun!

Another reason it was so such a great time is that I got to watch my girl Mya actually PLAY BASKETBALL!!! Here she is....(number 30)
look at the boys they are playing! And even if they lost, they gave those guys a serious run for their money. It was fantastic!
This here is the girl responsible for it all. Leslie, so proud of all your hard work. It was a blast and will just keep getting bigger and better. I will be there to help any way I can( but I am now a little partial to face painting)Here is part of the press release:

While raising funds, Leslie plans to educate the community about MS and address the challenges of everyone affected by MS. “I think it's important to show the many faces of this disease”. Leslie has had relapsing remitting MS since 2001 and lives a very active life. Leslie enjoys running, kayaking, dance, travel and riding her Harley. When Leslie was diagnosed she only knew one individual with a very advanced form of MS. “The diagnosis and management of MS needs to be understood so patients, caregivers, friends, and family have a better perspective and outlook towards MS” says Leslie.
MS is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system. Symptoms can range from numbness and tingling to paralysis or loss of vision. MS is the most common neurological disease in young adults in the United States today, and there are more than 18,000 people living in Michigan who have been diagnosed. Several fundraising events are held across Michigan each year to raise funds for MS research, services, and programs which enhance the lives of people with MS, and their families and friends.

Yes, I painted her face. Such a cutie, back in the day, she was Miss Muskegon/Ottawa! I've know her for nearly 10 years. She's also a Wheatland girl:)

This is my face painting partner, Angela. I had a lot of fun with her. We got together the Weds before to figure it all out and hang out at Leslie's while Les watch our the kids, 5 in all! The kids cant wait to do it again!

So I didn't want to be a freak and take pics of stranger's children, so I got mine and Mya's to pose for me. In case you're wondering, Grady refused to sit for me or Angela. little buggar. That's what you get with a two year old.

Chaley and Teagen liked the loud dance music blasting from the speakers. Chaley's got some sweet moves:)

Great day, wish it had been a bit warmer, could have actually had some really great beach traffic, but the weather is just being strange.
I enjoyed the face painting so much that I could totally see doing it more regularly. I researched paint and techniques and safety. Its creative and fun and the kids I dealt with were really really good! I think I could totally see myself working a kids b-day party. What a blast! In the meantime, I'll just paint my kids faces just for fun:)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

you need these

I have to share one of my birthday gifts. This is a really cool concept and I have been having fun filling it out. It is what it says it is, your life in list. The illustrations are so funny, it kills me. The first list for you to fill in is" list your past pets and their names. Surprisingly hard! We've had a lot of pets in 32 years!
***side note. This book is not meant for kids. They have a different book for that called My Listography. Which I think Summer needs.

We are journal addicts in this house(ok, well, the girls all are). Summer has more than I can count.

Now this one I've had for a while (2 years at least maybe 3)
Every page is a prompt to do something to the journal. Like "fill this page with stickers from fruit". Or even "bring this book in the shower with you." Someday soon I'll share mine. Its a huge mess and I love it. And like I said, I've been working on it for years, and there is still lots to do in it.

So does anyone else have these books? Click the links to send you to Amazon.

They are especially great for vacation and for sitting in the car waiting for practice to get out or whatever.

OK, we are off to the beach. I might go throw my journal in the lake!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Lovin'

It feels kinda like we do the same thing every day and every weekend(at least, its the only times I have a camera) beach, beach and a little more beach! if we are not there, then its boring stuff like cleaning house and catching up on Laundry.

These photos were taken at my Dad's when we were there for my birthday dinner.
My poor jeep is just full of sand. We just cannot get away from it. Might work on that today. What a mess.

Poor Summer gulped too much water and felt sick. She was back in the lake a couple minutes later.

Elephant Boy.

Using a boogie board as a skim board. She really really wants a skim board. I fear the broken bones.

Seconds after this pic was snapped, Grady(you can barely see him with Rachael) biffed it on the stairs and busted his lip. The poor kid has a permanent goose egg on his forehead. A bit clumsy.

Saturday I had to work, and Jason had a golf outing, so the kids went to Brandon and Laura's for two of their kids' birthday parties. I had to get a shot of the girls looking so cute!!
The spent the night with my MIL and we went there for dinner on Sunday to get the kids and visit for a bit.
Jason played a cutthroat game of Candyland with his girls where no one cried!!! A true miracle!

I am totally aware as to how horrible of a blogger I have been this summer. Part of it has been forgetting my camera. Part of it is not spending as much time on the computer or indoors period. But this is a priority to me, so I promise to be better♥

Friday, July 10, 2009

An Extra Special Ordinary Day

Yesterday my good people, was my birthday. The eternal spoiled brat that I am, I was determined to fully enjoy myself, even if Jay was working and I had to visit the DMV with 3 children to renew my license. I am the point where getting older isn't really fun and exciting, but isn't a day I dread either. I act like the kids and try to do some of my favorite stuff on my day. Like take the kids for coffee(choc milk for them) and meet up at the beach with a few of my besties!!! My kids are always scammin food...
Madison also snacking. She was so funny, the water is pretty cold but she kept on going back, and dragging her mama with her!

Shoveling in popcorn...

Some of Theresa's little people.

Teagen likes to say that she's "taking a tan".
Good luck with that.

Wild man. All our good suits are at my Dad's so Grady was without a rash guard. I made him swim in a shirt to keep a bit of sun off him. He looks delightful.

Hard at work building together.

This guy and his friends got me in trouble...
The kids had a bucket of popcorn and had it all over the place. Some lady came and basically asked me to control my children because the seagulls were going crazy for the popcorn and in her words, she "didn't feel like getting crapped on."
But about 90 seconds later,
She did.
I don't like to get scolded by strangers. It's dreadful.
Seagulls will forever hold a special place in my heart.
Back to the house for naptime and to see Jason. He was supposed to cook, but we ended up ordering The Station for takeout.
I got some amazing and super-fun gifts, and then it was back out again for an icecream sunset.(we stop at one of the 20 icecream shops within the mile and go to the lake to watch the sunset)
It was a fantastic day.

So, by the way, I am 32. still a young-un. Lots to learn. Lots to do.
Lovin' most of it.

I sure do feel like a lucky one.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Saw this last Sunday with my girls.

I really loved it.

So did they.
Which surprised me because a lot was over their head. I will say that if you kids are under 6 or 7, wait for video. Not enough "funny" to keep them occupied. Oh and the 3D was not necessary. Save the few buck and just see it normal. At least that's my opinion.

Strange how these kid movies make adults think. And cry. (at that point grateful to be wearing the 3D glasses)

It is certainly one of my top 3 animated films.

1. Meet the Robinson's
2. UP
3. Wall-e

Can't wait for Toy Story 3 and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Make a Wish

The excitement at Schultz house this morning.... This Limo showed up to take our neighbors(a family of 6!) on a dream vacation. Our next door neighbors that we share a driveway with are enjoying an all expense paid luxury dream trip to Disney World courtesy of Make a Wish. So excited for them!

They have a little girl, Torey, who is 3 days younger than Teagen. These days they are the best of friends. But a little while back, Torey started having some learning setbacks and upon investigation, it was discovered that she has a very large brain tumor. She is 4 years old. She spent months in the hospital. Her mother had to quit working to care for her. Her dad is off work for medical reasons. Her teenage brothers and sister all pitch in to keep things going. She is the princess of the house.

Its hard for Teagen to understand why we always have to be careful around Torey. She seems like any other 4 year old. But she needs to wear a helmet. She cant walk much. And in reality, she is quite fragile.

My kids adore her and entertain her through her window when she is unable to come out and play. Grady gives her hugs that scare me a bit that he's going to knock her down! But all three just think she's their best friend.

Wishing them a fabulous trip. And BIG thanks to programs like Make a Wish. What an incredible chance for families going through some of the toughest times I can imagine.