Friday, February 19, 2010

comment moderation

So I have been getting lots of weird comments(SPAM) on old posts. Its getting annoying, so I had to change a few things. Now if you comment of a post older than a week, it wont show up unless I want it to. Shouldn't affect anything, but has anyone else been running into this? Often its even in a foreign language. I know its not a big deal, but I feel kind of violated. Makes me think of exactly how public things are on here. Hmmmm...

In other news...I had a root canal yesterday. Exciting, right? I was feeling pain big time, got in right away and they had me come back the next day for the procedure. So strange for someone with only a couple fillings. Very weird. I still have all my wisdom teeth. All I know is that dental stuff is not fun. And very expensive. Its only February and the $$ spent this year on unforeseen expenses(teeth, glasses, washing machine, muffler...) could have nearly sent us to Disney World. That is completely not cool. But its life.

Good news is that we are getting some bookings for face and mama-to-be belly painting!! So excited! It is so much fun, and Angela and I have lots of amazing ideas to try out! We think facepainting is more of a spring/summer thing, so it looks like business will be picking up:)

Anyway, have a great weekend! We are busy around here with sleepovers, a wedding, family visits and I think I'll have to fit in a couple of shifts at work too. Awesome.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Party treats and Friendship

This one was too good to keep to myself. Mostly because its was just too easy! Rachael also did it for Kennedy's class. How perfect for a birthday party treats! It was a complete hit, everyone was so excited about it! Here is all it is- 2 boxes of regular sugar cones(24 all together)
5 bags of cotton candy that you can get at any Dollar Tree(5 was too much, three would have been fine, as you can see mine are double dippers!)
The cone shaped treat bags can be found in the party supplies at Hobby Lobby for 1.99 for 24.
**you can also fill the cones with m&ms, but I skipped that because we have a milk allergy in Teagen's class.

stuff a bit of cotton candy in the cone and then just stack a little on top for your "scoops" drop in bags and tie with whatever you have laying around.

I found the idea online somewhere, but cannot find the link. I'm creative, but not that creative;)

Here is a pic from yesterdays party of Teagen and her best friend.
I dont know what other pre-ks do, but ours is is wonderful on parent days. She sets up stations and its basically a free for all, but the kids are really good. I didnt take many pics this time because I have this horrid head cold, was working with not only Teagen and Grady, but also took on a few more kids whose parents couldnt make it.

And I leave you with a Valentine message written to Summer from her best friend:

Roses are Red, Lilacs are fine
Valentine will you be mine?
The Sun is Yellow
Your hair Smells like Jello.

Well, I guess she has been using mango shampoo....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

♥♥♥We Love Valentines Day ♥♥♥

I adore pink and red and white and hearts and things that are pretty! I love Valentines Day! So I have been on the lookout for ideas for the kids school valentines and for a fun treat for Teagen's class(more on that one later) A note came home from Summer's teacher that the students were to create a card box at home. The requirements were that it had to be "Valentines colors", fit in their desks, and NOT have anything suggestive or crude on them(how said that it even has to be mentioned) We found the idea for this one in Family Fun Magazine. Broke into the scrapbook stash and here's what we created-
(its a dog, not a rabid bunny;)) Cards go in the mouth. I think the one in Family Fun was a cat. But Summer is a dog person.
And here are her Valentines. They are from Michael's. We had some leftover goodie bags and I bought pencils on clearance last year. Add a sucker, staple together.
Simple and cute!

For Teagen I bought a case of crayons in Aug when Walmart has them for 15 cents a box. Also at Michael's I got her sticker Valentines( same brand as Summer's) that were perfect for this. wrap a ribbon around each box, slap the sticker on and thats it! Cute!!♥♥♥

You are gonna love my treat idea for Teagen's class. I gotta get the supplies today!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sick Day

Illness hit the kiddos this weekend. Just fatigue and low fevers. A cough. And Grady got it the worst. Fever up to 103 and he even threw up(it may have been his first episode, but I cannot remember) Here he is at lunch today... When he is sick, he always falls asleep where ever he is. Poor guy.

The girls were content playing DS, reading and drawing. They built a fort on their bed.
With everyone fully medicated, a project was in order so we made salt dough hearts for necklaces.

Salt dough is super easy, if you never done it before.
1/2 C salt
1 C four
1/2 C warm water
mix up with hands, roll out and we cut shapes with mini cookie cutter. Then used a straw to poke the hole for stringing.
bake on cookie sheet for almost 2 hours(you just want them to get hard and dry) at 250. When cool, decorate!

We painted and then glittered while still wet. I have a large glitter supply. we used mostly the extra fine but still cheap stuff. I kept my vintage glass glitter hidden from the little hands;)
I cant wait till they are dry! I think it will look so cute hanging from a ribbon!

If Teagens lips seem extra rosy, its because she managed to get red paint on them.