Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December Daily-Day 14

Playing a little catch up... One tradition I started when Summer was born is to buy a new Christmas book each year. Some the kids get as gifts form family, but I think I have bought 1 every year too. Even if its the $5 book from Kohls(they are usually pretty good books!) And they only come out between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The idea origonally came from my cousin Caroline, whos oldest is just a couple moths older than Summer. It stuck:) The kids love love love the Christmas books. Most have been read in the 1st week. And the last couple years, Summer has been reading them to her brother and sister.

This years was from Kohls. Lots of good ol Curious George. But our collection varies a lot. Everything from the Story of Baby Jesus to the 12 days of Christmas to Dean Koontz' Robot Santa.
I don't see this tradition going anywhere for a while!


Jodi said...

Kyle is getting this one as a gift from someone...Kristin will probably leave a sweet comment here on her new experience with a child reading to another!! Isn't that awesome?? I love it.

Theresa said...

My kids LOVE Curious George!!! (especially Ben, but all the kids get exited for him when they see anything of the sort!) Sara also reads to my kids...I just LOVE it!!