Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December Daily-Day 16

OK, to be honest, this is today. Nothing really happened yesterday. But today I watched Reid so that Rachael could go take her LAST test out of the year(Which I am announcing that SHE GOT 100% on! WHAHOOO!!!) And so that Gary could go to Kennedy's holiday party at school. I bribed them with Christmas cookies and this is still the best shot I could get. My son has issues with cooperation.

When Reid's around, Teagen goes into Mother Hen mode. She wants to take care of him like a baby. He outweighs her. But its cute because she is rarely this way with her brother.

Rachael, thank you for the frappe and delicious lunch! You're a peach.

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Jodi said...

Aren't sisters great? I remember watching Kristin's yahoos right after Kyle was born (when nothing fit) and she brought me back a pair of VS panties. With an adjustable band...that wasn't too much info, was it? Too much info would be me telling you how I looked in them...:) Okay, so not quite food (and I like food)but a loving gesture nonetheless!!