Thursday, November 29, 2007

Then & Now

We put up our tree last weekend. We have to do it early or else it will never happen. We are pretty much booked until the New Year. But I just love the tree part. I never buy ornaments (maybe one for each kid) so all I have are from growing up and gifts. BIG memories with each and every one. Like the one on top. Teagen's 1st x-mas. I was broke, nursing her around the clock and practically never left the house. But I couldn't live with myself if she didn't have a "baby's 1st X-mas" ornament. It was a big deal for me to leave the house alone at that time. So that's what I think of when I see this one. And then to see how she has grow. Such treasures on my tree!
This is is also a season of lots of mixed and confused emotions for me. Some of the best and worst moments of my entire life have happened during the holidays.
We had the most amazing Holidays when I was growing up. Beautiful decor, 13 foot trees, lots of treats and more gifts than we ever could have dreamed. It was very important to my Mom. And it was perfect. But her diagnosis came around Thanksgiving. and Then when she died it was right before Christmas. Not my favorite time of years anymore. But later my 1st date with Jason was 2 days before Christmas. We went for Chinese food and then he took me to see some of the best light displays I have ever seen. We broke up that next summer and then got back together at Thanksgiving. He Asked me to marry him on Christmas Eve, sitting on his bedroom floor while I had curlers in my hair and tears in my eyes. Years later we finally set a date on a Christmas night. About 5 years later I miscarried a baby we wanted so badly right before Christmas. 2 years ago, we discovered I was pregnant for Grady on New Years Eve.
I am hoping for a less eventful holiday this year. Its so strange the balance of good times and hardship. I have earned these memories, good and bad. They all make me who I am. I am OK with that. It definitely explains the mood swings!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I have always been proud of my dogs behavior. When we got Chase and then Griffin I was working at the vet clinic and learned a lot of good training techniques. They are good dogs(well, Chase does bark a bit much) and are good with the kids, which is most important to me. Well, Chase is 10 yrs old now, we got her before we got married. And in her old age she decided that she is now writing the rules. After 10 years of keeping off the furniture, I find them both on the couches and beds! They help themselves to whatever food the kids leave at there table and will even take it from right under their noses! But Chase has now pushed her limit. Late Thanksgiving morning, Jason made himself 2 grilled cheese sandwiches and brought Teagen a 1/4 of one of them. In the 1 minute Jason was gone, Chase ate them both...gone. She never would have done something like that in the past. She would usually just sit and beg. I really thought Jason was going to lose it! But all she got was sent outside and hollered at. I guess we just don't have the heart in her old age for discipline. Plus it was Thanksgiving. I guess that was her feast.

Monday, November 26, 2007

A post from Grady

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"sweet, Mom is busy with Teagen so I am gonna smash the keyboard while shes not loking! Then when she catches me I will go straight to the x-mas tree and try to pull the entire thing down! Yeah, then I need to pull Teagen's hair for a bit before I take a nap. Mom, we got any cookies?"

Saturday, November 24, 2007

So Thankful

This is Summer running like a maniac after getting off the bus Wednesday for a 1/2 day of school. So happy for Thanksgiving Break. I am so happy too. I miss her being here all day. She really helps a lot around here and is just all around entertaining.
I have been so sick. I called in to work for the 1st time ever (at this job) and even had to tell Kel to find someone else to watch Leighton on Wednesday. Come to find out I finally got the Strep that the girls both had last month. It was so bad. But 24 hours on meds and I was munching turkey with the rest of America. I even braved some "black Friday" shopping. At 3:30 AM!! But it was fun (except waiting for hours to check out at Kohl's-thanks Rae!) Pretty much slept the rest of the day but put a nice dent in my list.
Thanksgiving itself was great. Just went to Jason's dads. It was just them, us, Grandpa Bill and Dave & Dorthy Wilmers. We popped in to say HI at my parents house (they had all Cindy's fam there) Set them up to babysit for us next Sat (Oh yeah!) for Jason's company party. We were going to make a night out of it, but I know Rock & Cindy are not ready for that! This is the 1st company party that I have not been preggo or breast-feed possibly ever. And its the 1st party since Jason has been in his new supervisor position. So we are getting a lot pressure to party all night! I'm just not into that anymore. We grew out of our party years(funny how that happens) Plus I'm not giving anyone any ammo for gossip about the boss' wife for the next week!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Happy Birthday big boy! Now all the 2006 boy are One! Grady was first in Aug., then Jason brothers little guy was in Oct and now Reid joins the ranks. The party was at Gary's mom's and was really nice. The kids love her playroom( you would think she had 3 kids living there with all those toys!) And Reid was so adorable toddling around. He did pretty good with that little cake too!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


At Summer's class Halloween party, her teacher approached me while I was speaking with some of the other parents. He started to tell me how Summer was doing in class. He said that at the end of 1st grade the kids are supposed to be reading level 12 books. That is the goal and many kids just don't make it there. In October, Summer has already tested out of level 12 books and can read closer to a 3rd grade level. He goes on to say that in his 30+ years of teaching, Summer is the kind of kid that he sees going on to become Valedictorian and 1st in her graduating class. He is saying this in front of all the other parents! We have heard this before, since pre-school, but never put so bluntly. And never in front of other parents! I was so proud but also so embarrassed. I made some comment about being a house of readers and that being a good influence ...blah,blah,blah...and changed the subject. Ya know, its hard being the parent of an exceptionally bright kid as it is being the parent of a child who struggles. We worry constantly about screwing everything up!!! Should we challenge her, or will too much scare her off. Is letting her watch Sponge Bob killing brain cells? Should we start piano lessons? Spanish? AHHH! She is 6 years old. She loves Art and astronomy and animals. She loves to read to her sister and brother, and writes books. She is nurturing and creative. She is Awesome. Love you girl.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Its official...

I got the call a few weeks ago, and I really thought it was a hoax. But its totally for real. We are a "Nielsen TV" family! And they paid us $30 cash! That is so weird.

I vaguely recall a "Roseanne" episode from 20 years ago when they were chosen and were only gonna watch the Discovery Channel so that they looked smart. Now I wouldn't go that far, but I am a little embarrassed by how long Nickelodeon is on in my house. And I may as well admit to never missing an episode of Nip/Tuck or Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Not exactly wholesome intelligent TV but I am unable to help myself. It could be worse and I could watch reality telivision! LOL! Just kidding! But seriously, I dont wactch much of that.

So we have little journals by each TV and we just record what we are watching and what channel. How exactly do you do that when my dear Jason surfs through stations at approx. 10 stations/sec. This could go on for 10 minutes! I am not joking when I say I literally get motion-sickness! A bit of his ADD shining through. I guess I'll let him figure all that out on his own and go watch TV in our room!


Read the last of the last book yesterday.....I'm still reeling. I need to come back to real life so that I can get something accomplished again.

Friday, November 2, 2007

current obsession

It was a total accident to discover these. Let me explain. I scan the message boards at sistv about once a week to see whats going on in MI. I stumbled over a title that caught my attention and it was a few girls gushing about a series of books.Some of what they were saying intrigued me(even though I try NOT to get into series- hate cliffhangers that make you wait for a year before the next is published. I have NO patients.) So I go to to see what all the fuss was about. Interesting enough. A love story with vampires. OK. but then I see its considered young adult. Not for me.

Pretty much lost interest. The next day Jason didn't hunt and I took the opportunity to visit Barnes and Noble. One of the 1st books to catch my eye was Twilight. paperback.decent is almost Halloween, vampires are OK.I'll try it. OMG. WOW. This could possibly be the greatest story I've ever read. The romance...(((swoon))) doesn't feel young adult but I totally could have read it at 13 and loved it. Not your typical vampire stuff either. no grossness. I read it in less that 24 hours(over 500 pages) got up the next day and dragged Grady and Teagen back to the book store to get the last 2 books in the series. Only available in hardcover. Uggh. But totally worth it. I am more than halfway through New Moon. Last night I had 7 client in 5 hours. left lots of time to read. Hopefully tonight will be the same!

Thanks for listening to my book review. I am a bit nuts when it comes to books. BTW- The books are Twilight, New Moon , and Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. I suggest if your interested, to get them off Amazon. Way better price. Or if you wait the weekend you can borrow mine!
I plan to post Halloween pics this weekend. I want to work on them a bit.
And thanks for the comments! I LOVE hearing for everyone!