Thursday, March 27, 2008

The simple life

Summer playing her guitar...
Teagen full of mischief...
Grady playing with a RC car...
All is SO good. I am SO grateful. For Jason too but I don't have a picture:)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I am trying, really. We have made some pretty big changes (for us) for environmental reason. We stopped our newspaper and only read it online. I try not to buy bottled water anymore. We stink at recycling everything except pop and beer cans. I hate to admit it, but we are too busy. So I have to say how excited I was that local stores started offering reusable shopping bags for $1! Meijer bags are the best(but I did spot some cool ones at Target and my friend Melissa has a Whole Foods bag that is the coolest!). We get a flippin' TON of bags and they make me crazy. And I hate driving by the landfill in Coopersville and seeing the fence plastered with them. So we bought a bunch of bags. Before you applaud the effort, let me tell ya that we forgot them on the first 3 shopping trips after the purchase. Duh. Last week I remembered! Woot! And I was so pleased with myself, even going to Walmart with my Meijer bags, and at 11pm no less! So after an hour of one of my most disgusting shopping experiences ever(some creepy guy was continuously making a very loud vomiting-cough-gag sound that echoed through the whole store, but that was a story in itself) I go to check out and hand the guy my bags for filling. Oh and he was a chatty one. First saying how he cant believe how anyone can pay a dollar for a bag when you can get plastic ones for free. I am trying to not sound preachy and just explain that I have a big family and buy a lot of groceries and want to keep a few extra bags out of the landfill. Plus I like the bags.I realize that with my heaping full cart that I will not have enough bags but ask that he fills them up full. he literally puts like 4 things in each of my bags, and even puts a few things in plastic bags and then puts them in my bags. We are still having this conversation about waste and all that, and once he runs out of my bags he starts filling plastic bags and then DOUBLE BAGS everything. I start removing the extra bags as he explains that he really likes to double bag and even sometimes triple bags everything. I explain AGAIN I am trying to cut back on bags. He will not listen. I gave up. I went home with more bags than I ever have before. I took him to be "normal" but I'm thinking he could have been stoned. I'm leaving the shopping to Jason this week.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Morning

Oh my. The craziness that is Easter morning. The Easter Bunny went through a lot of effort to scale back this year. The girls each got a Littlest Petshop VIP and a tube of petshops and then just a couple a various small toys and candy. Grady got a little wagon w/sand toys of his very own. In years past, the bunny had gone WAY overboard and it was just insane. Now I think the bunny sees that a little can go a long way and filling 3 baskets is a lot of work and $$. I hope the bunny sees that our kids were VERY happy and VERY grateful for what they got. I even heard "this is the best Easter ever!" more than once.
Grady diggin' in. He's naked because he filled his pants a bit too much while playing in his crib that morning and the pjs were no longer wearable.
Teagen always needs sunglasses. The Bunny must have known. Her eyes are very sensitive. Love the cat ears. She slept in them.
The girls each got a little golden book( my favorite). I felt I needed a little help giving them a rate "G" version of why we celebrate Easter. Not too scary and focuses on the beauty of the events. Strongly recommend ALL Little Golden Books! Plus they are very collectible and some are worth a lot of $$ no matter what kind of condition they are in.
I love this shot because it really show the craziness of the morning. And why do the dogs feel like they need to be in the middle of the whole thing?
Later we were at my parents with the entire Flanders family. Had another egg hunt. Indoors. Good times. Love letting the kids all play together. Even if Rachael was 2 hours late. Summer spent 30 minutes looking out the window, waiting for Kennedy to get there. Don't worry Rachael, to make her feel better,I told her that they could now sleep over at your house for 3 nights. thought you wouldn't mind.

Birthdays and Bunnies

Saturday was Jason's 33rd Birthday. SO strange since Easter has never been so early (in our memories) and he had to share his weekend with the Holiday. He's a big boy and handled it very well. This is Jason's dream cake. He asked for Choc cake w/ German Choc Cake frosting and peanut butter frosting. I was thinking 1/2 and 1/2 but Rachael gave me the idea to do stripes so you can have some of each in every piece. Turned out great and he was impressed!
Some bunny cookies I made from a package for the girls on Friday while they were making cards for Daddy. Anyone else make these? Very weird because they have little bunny tails on some of them(I think they are tails) but it just looks kinda bad...if you made them, you know what I'm talking about.
They worked for hours on cards for Jason. So cute! Teagen made a picture of the family inside a little frame and them added a thought bubble sticker to herself that said"get me outta here!" What?!? She's so funny.
Back to Saturday. I really think we made Jason's day fun. We had a lot to do. I got up with the girls and we set up Jason gift. A new coffee maker with all the fixings. Yep, Jason and Jennifer Schultz are officially grownup. We make our own coffee and no longer give our $$ to Wesco and Starbucks.OK, until they invent an at-home frappacino machine,I will still occasionally go to Starbucks.
So anyway, we got him up with fresh coffee and lots of lovin'. We baked that fab cake and then Summer and I were off to a Soccer meeting. Came home with a sub for daddy who had LOTS of energy to completely clean and organize the front room and closet while we were gone. And while Grady napped, we did the EGG Thing.

We really had fun with the eggs. I don't think Ive ever taken pictures because its usually last minute , late at night and nobody looks cute. But the blog forces me to constantly take pictures, cute or not. That is cool. I'm learning a lot about what matters most to me. and its not always about being cute. Although I happen to think it is totally CUTE that in every photo from the weekend, Teagen is wearing some kind of "ears" which would have been appropriate had she stuck with the bunny ears but it was the shiny gold kitty ears that she loved most and wore all Easter morning.

So Saturday ended with a family drive and take-out wings from the Station. Kids in bed,hanging out together, and helping out the Easter Bunny. Love you, babe. You make 33 look good!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

As if there wasn't enought living things in this house...

Jason told Summer she could get a fish. We have done the goldfish thing about 10 times(seriously) and everyone knows how that turns out. But I keep hearing people say that Bettas live a lot longer. So here we go. Maybe he will be easier to secretly replace than a goldfish with a tiny black mustache. That didn't work out so well (who would expect a 3 yr old to notice? I told her it was dirt and finally washed off. She never did buy that story) Anyway, I don't see how its any ones fish but MINE since I feed it and I clean the smelly bowl. Nice of Jason to volunteer ME for it. So he needed a name. Due to the enormous amount of heartbreak that follows losing any type of pet in this house(we did lose 2 cats in 2 years) we try to find funny names that seem to somehow make it easier( like, a fish named "Floater" doesn't seem to require a funeral but "Little Sweetie" might)Which is why we allowed a 3 yr old Summer to name our current cat, Bling-Bling. I never guessed she would last this long.
So here is how everyones vote went:
Jason- "Sushi"
Jenn-"Fillet" (Phil for short)
Summer-"Swimmie" Or "Finn"
Then I changed my vote to Kevin because it is AWESOME. Then Teagen began yelling "SUSHI!!" all around the house, so I think her vote changed. Poor Summer didn't know what to do. The next day Grandpa Mark suggested Roofus and she liked that a lot too. I was still rooting for Kevin when she finally decided on Finn. Which is funny because I really liked the name Finley for her when I was pregnant.
So Welcome Finn Dude. Hope Bling doesn't eat ya.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Dreaming

This is a bit of dangerous ground for me. 1154 lill studios website is so addictive, and I really want a new bag for spring. These are 2 bags I designed today. I actually have one like the top one (with diferent fabric) for winter,that I had made with a gift certificate from Rachael and my parents. It is the best purse I have ever owned. And I have a few(LOTS) purses. Im thinking I might like the top one better if I make the strap light blue like the flower. Its super easy to design a bag on their sight, just really hard to decide on fabric! Maybe Jason will let me get one with that rebate check the government is sending us in May! (doubt it!!) Well, a girl can dream....

a New Do

This past weekend we were at Bob and Joan's for Owen's (Alesha's little guy) 1st Birthday party. And since Brandon and Laura were there, we hit Laura up for Grady's "real" 1st haircut. He actually had his 1st cut back in December. I took him to Cam at the salon where I work, but he really didn't cut off too much. a lot of his hair was still filling in. But Check out that mop-top above!
This one shows it even better. I have let it go for WAY too long. I am used to little girls who only need to be cut a couple times a year. Not a boy who is going to require a cut ever few weeks!
During....I thing I look like the one who needs a stinkin' haircut! Ugghh!
And After...So handsome! Thank you Laura! She has 3 little boys so she is A PRO at cutting squirmy-kiddo hair!
And a tickle fight Between Grady and Teagen. These too keep me on my toes all day but also keep me laughing!

BTW- I totally rocked it at work last night....made the salon $1500 in like 5 hours!!! My grade is amazing but I really had to work hard for it. Ohh, and I am so excited because they moved my meeting from Allendale to Spring Lake. Much better!!! Its going to be a GREAT WEEK. I can feel it!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Now we're movin'

Since this guy was such a late walker, he has not had a lot of opportunity to pratice except at home and at the Omni. So with our warm-er (really not warm at all) weather, I decided that he would be joining me on my walks to get Sum off the bus. Good pratice. He totallly crashed like 4 times. You know how little kids just keep going faster and faster and then its like, Wham! Faceplant, and you totally saw it coming but wern't fast enough to catch 'em. Good thing he's got that puffy coat, it keeps his face off the sidewalk!

Summer was so proud to have her Sister and her Bro waiting for her at the bus stop. Then she could show them off to her friends. Such a funny bunch. It will be nice when I can take pics of the kids outside other than when we are walking down the sidewalk. Summer and Teagen have been spending time in the backyard but I stay in with Grady.
Its gonna be a busy week. I work 3 days and have a meeting in Allendale on Weds. Parent/teacher conferences are Thursday and Summer will be home from school for part of that. Jason's Birthday is Saturday and of course Sunday is Easter. And I think I will have Leighton starting again this week. Whew....I'm overwhelmed just writing it all.
Today is St. Patty's day. I will celebrate by going against dress code at work and wear a green tank under my work shirt! (I know, so bad!) But actually we have a big sale and I am hoping to make some BIG $$ or at least get my "grade" out of the toilet. Yes, I am graded at work. Its crazy. Its based on per person sales averages. I am currently BA (below average) I am usually AA (yep, above average) and actually had the highest average in all the greater Muskegon salons for several week until about 2 weeks ago when people stopped buying stuff. But whatever, its just a silly job. They try to make it seem SO important. They have no idea whats really important in this world. But I guess me making them lots of $$$ IS important to them. OK, enough of my tirade, I need to step back and look at the big picture, and its looking pretty good. Not like I'll work at a tanning salon the rest of my life. Just for now so I can be home with my kids. I'm still working on whatever come next. I'm sure it will be interesting.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Upnorth Getaway

Last Friday a group of us girls left for the weekend at this cozy lodge in Wellston. Where is Wellston? I have no idea. We got a little lost.
So the original plan was for scrapbooking but others were invited just simply for the escape. We ended up with 6 girls and had a really good time. I got way more done than I usually do. I think 6 pages and a little project. ( I'll try to post later)Lots a relaxing and just hanging out.
Mya, me, and Melissa. I had so much fun with you guys. We look sweet in those stunnar shades!
Pine Lake. I bet its really nice when its not completely frozen. This cottage would be a great week of summer vacation. there is TONS of room (LOTS of beds) you could easily get 4 or 5 families comfortably in there for a week. Great kitchen, nice bathrooms, the whole works. Our downfall...each of us packed enough food for the entire group. It was insane. I guess thats women for ya.

And a shot of the girls. On our way back from the bus stop. I love this simple shot because years from now it will tell us so much about them. Teagen in her matching coat and boots, looking to me more like she's going shopping or something. This girl wants to look cute. And Summer, pure utility. Ski jacket and heavy duty snowpants because this girl is gonna PLAY! She doesnt care what she looks like as longs as shes playing. And She can get dirty too!(explains the black coat) I remember taking her to preschool and we would have to all wait outside for the bell to ring. Summer would run and run and run with the boys and I would see all the little girls standing together talking and giggling. They stayed clean and did not have hair like a wild banshee. Shes changed some, but its still all about the playing! Hey, whatever. Do your own thing. I'm getting pretty good at the whole stain-removal thing.

So I am thankful for great kids, great friends and a WONDERFUL husband for kicking me out of the house for a weekend so that I could enjoy it all. Love that guy.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Please check this out...

I know many who read my blog also read nitty-gritty, but if you don't, then you would not have know about Angie and her family. Please read her blog at . Its crazy that someone I dont know is touching me so deeply. She has a post about baby albums that had me bawling and amazed at the way God works. Its a must read for any mother.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Just hangin' out

I took these last week. This is what Teagen and Leighton decided to do while I was busy with a very cranky Grady(dang teeth) and had them play in The Girls' Room. I think this is almost all the Petshop critter we have. They gathered them from all the little houses, and several different bins and some how figured out that they would hang from the bunkbed ladder(magnets). I guess I didnt realize how smart those little buggars are!

Wild,Wacky,Whirlwind, Winning Weekend

These photos are from Saturday night at Leslie's house. Whew, what fun! Awesome group of friends. This is Melissa in the Brown and Angie in the pink.
here is Connie and Leslie. I have much more incriminating photos of Connie, but figured you didn't want them published on the internet. Your welcome.
And a few of the boys. Ted, Paul and Jason W. no clue what they are doing. I think dancing. they are weird boys.
So saturday I worked all day, then came home and Bob & Joan were here to watch the kids! Thank You! Not only is is great to have someone watch the kids but even at our house? Wow, can't ask for more than that. Love you guys for alway being there for us(among other things!) The gang was at Ol' boys but left before we got there. by the time we got to Leslie's they were in full party mode. Great time you guys. We needed a fun night out.

Then I got sick(wow can you believe it)a couple hours after we got home. it didnt make sense. Honestly I 1st suspected that it was self induced, but totally not possible unless I have developed an allergic reaction to alchol. I did not drink hardly anything and was eating plenty. So begins another stomache bug. Up all night. Jessica (Jason's neice) was sleeping over because Jason and his dad were taking the girls ice fishing in a tournament on White Lake early Sunday morning. Not gonna happen. Again, Joan came through and picked up Summer and Jess, and Bob still took the girls out fishing. You guys rock. Jason too for taking such good care of me (except for the grilled cheese;)) So to top it off, Summer won 1st Place in the tournament! She caught a Perch that was the biggest by quite a bit(I'll have to ask her again exactly how big) Won a fabulous fishing rod with a bunch of tackle! I think she will be in the local Whitelake paper this weekend, so look for her if you get that paper. And Jess got 2nd place! I'm guessing Bob was a proud Papa! Dont have any photos yet, but I think I can get some from Joan.
Wish I didnt miss my girl's special day, but I dont think she really noticed. I am sure Jason was really dissapointed. He did send her with his lucky pole. I was just SO sick. finally today feeling a bit better. This has got to stop. Maybe once spring is here we can have a reprieve from all the illness going around and around and around. I cant take another bout of this!