Monday, June 30, 2008

ItsThe Best Week Ever!

OK, so these pics are from last week, but whatever. This week is the best week ever! Jason took vacation for the whole week. Summer and Jason are really into making lists. Lists of all the super-fun stuff they MUST do. They made one for the entire summer even deciding how many campfires we have to have. They made one for last spring break and Christmas break too. Well, this week is jammed packed. They picked something fun and special to do each day since last Friday. Friday we went to the beach again. Saturday we went to Papa Rocky's for swimming and a campfire(after the storm passed) Ian and Leif came out to say hi. We celebrated my Dads 59th(holy cow) birthday by getting him an ipod that he played with all night. Cindy made Texas Sheet Cake that was soooo good.
Sunday the list called for mini-golf. Daddy took Teagen and Summer while I stayed back for Grady's nap time. Summer scored 2 hole-in-ones!

Today, the girls are going with Grandma Joan and Grandpa Bob to John Ball Zoo. They are meeting up with more of the fam because Grandpa Mark is playing at "Jazz at the Zoo" today. How special! I am going to the concert in town tonight with Kel for our annual girls country music night at Summer Cel. I should have a very good time;)
Leighton is with us today.(by the way,this pic was way cuter in thumbnail version. Leighton has the weirdest look on his face!) So Grady will still have someone to play with once the girls leave. And Jason surprised us all with a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge for tomorrow and Wednesday!!! Only the albino Schultz family needs to visit an indoor water park in July! Ha! Donna is even taking Grady(I am starting to feel a little guilty about Grady missing so much of our fun week but this kid is Hell on wheels sometimes!)So it goes without saying that I am really looking forward to a short little getaway.
And if this post seems a little detail heavy, its because I am doing a mini album for "the best week ever" and my memory is not real good. OK, its terrible and I need to record some of the details. Just another reason to scrapbook,I guess!
I'll be back by Thursday!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life's a Beach

For some reason, I have had it in my head that I cannot take all three of my kids out of the house by myself. I think it was trip to CiCi's Pizza and Target last year that put that thought in my head:)
Well, I am sick of feeling like a prisoner in my own home and both Grady and Teagen have grown up a bit and are less likely to throw a fit in public. I decided it was time for the beach. It only a minute away and worst case scenario, we can turn around and leave. We pick a fab spot between the piers where there were no waves and no people. We had an entire stretch of beach to ourselves.
And the kids were fantastic. So good so fun. We stayed for nearly 3 hours. We had to leave because I had to pee. It was gorgeous. Thought it would rain but it missed us.
Grady made it his mission to chase seagulls the entire time.
I think we have found our "thing" My goal is to go every week. I get so wrapped up in house stuff that i don't want to leave, but summer is so short. It MUST be a priority.
After all...this is where the memories come from.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Inspire Me

I found this new scrapbook challenge blog and I think its so much fun! Its called I inspire me . Basically its finding inspiration in the stuff I love or is around me. So here is my 1st challenge blog layout ever...
I love my Cat's Meow Village. When we bought our house, the dining room has a plate rail all the way around. I don't do plates. But I did have this village that was my Mom's. I never really thought that it was my style, but I so love it. Being a family heirloom, it will always remind me of "home". Plus I adore that each one has a little black cat on it. And we have had a few black cats over the years.
Sorry for the terrible pic. I took it at night and goodness knows I can't take a decent photo without natural light!
And here's my take! It was really fun to make the little houses. They are all from scraps. I even added a little black cat. Not my usual style at all but I love that it made me move out of my comfort zone. I may actually find my style!
This is really fun. If you are a scrapper, you should give this a try. At least see their Design Team's stuff. Amazing!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the littles

I take a lot of pictures. I feel a little lost without my camera. For instance, we went downtown this weekend for "the taste of Muskegon" I was so ticked that I forgot my camera and so did Rachael! Teagen and Kennedy were such little buddies(Summer had a sleepover) And were SO cute. Plus all the action downtown was really cool and I could have had some great shots.
I love this one for so many reasons. The first being that Teagen will not kiss anyone on the lips and hasn't for at least a year. Summer has said that Teagen will kiss her but I didn't believe it.I guess I caught the truth!
I have been taking a million shots similar to this one of Sum. She still has all her tiny baby teeth and I want to capture this smile before its gone.
And no photo post would be complete without a dorky pic of Grady. These are a pair of safety glasses that Jay has had as a gag since his Brunswick days. Every now and then they resurface and the kids always love them! Grady wore these around all night(and already today).He laughs like crazy at his reflection in the mirror. Gotta love someone not afraid to make a fool of themselves just for a laugh!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

So here is kinda how a typical day begins for me. I get up, make coffee, make breakfast for the kiddos and while they eat, I get on the computer. Check email and blogs. Sometimes I have a little extra time to "go exploring". At some point I stumbled upon this one. Scroll to the bottom to link to the begining. Yes another sad story. But a totally different take on it. He is real. I think he is angry. I know I would be. But what draws us to these stories of tragedy? Is it like passing a horrible accident on the highway, thanking God it wasn't us? I think its the reminder of the fragility of the every day moments that are "normal" . I'd like to think I'm not just nosey. That I want to learn from someone elses pain and experiences. I think I want to run it through my head, how would I be? Could I handle that kind of horror? Would I just curl up and die if something happened to Jason or one of our children? Even forgetting that I have already been through the unimaginable. But that doesn't make me immune to tragedy. So I read others peoples experiences. If you have time, check out the link above and read his amazing story. Language a bit harsh, but real. I certainly don't blame him. Plus, he loves robots. And robots are very cool;)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mama's gotta brand new bag

And I love it! I have to admit that over the last few weeks I have been a bit worried that I made a rush decision and thought I wouldn't like it. But I am so happy. I think I will be hosting a 1154 Lill party every spring.
Father's Day at my Dad's. Great day. The kids lived in the water. Its getting warm. Lovin' the sunshine.Grady is a maniac on the beach. He is always trying to sneak out a little deeper. Got him a life jacket,but he has such a short torso, he couldn't sit while wearing it. We laughed so hard because he would just lay flat on his back on the beach like an overturned turtle!My Grandpa and my Dad. Jeez, are they dressed alike? I just noticed they are totally like the Khaki Crew. The kids kept them well entertained. My Grandpa stayed the weekend. They went to the casino. Golfing. good time.
Teagen,Kennedy and Summer. 3 little fishes.
Cindy made a fab dinner and I made ice cream pie for dessert.Jason and I even snuck out to test drive my Dads new 4-door Jeep. I LOVE IT. I took Jason 2-trackin' ;) A wonderful day to celebrate all the amazing fathers in our life. Jason is way more than I ever expected as a father for my favorite little people. I am so thankful for him.He got some new stuff for his Harley. And I think my Dad deserves some credit for raising us with out our Mom(with Cindy's help). Rachael got him some accesories for his new laptop and I got him a Netflix subscription. Rachael and I turned out pretty good(mostly) Even if we DID inherit some of his shopping addictions!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Freaky Friday

If this doesn't make you smile, then there is no hope for you.

Happy Friday the 13th!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

5 minutes

2 days ago Summer handed this to Jason when he got home from work. I'll translate:
Summer 08
Dear Diary
My little sister Teagen has peed in my bed and took my wings and kicked me.
To Dad From Summer

I really wasn't a bad day but we did have a really bad 5 minutes. Like everything that was bad, all happened in 5 minutes. I was in a lousy mood because work is slow and she called and asked if I would just stay home that day. I was thinking I was needing to look for a new job if I can't even get 12 hours a week. So I'm stressin' at this point. Summer cant find Chase anywhere(what?) Teagen climbed up in Summer bunk and had an accident while playing. I am trying to pull off the sheets but they are trapped under the super duper bed rail and I hate getting up on the top bunk and I am sweating like a crazy person. The whole time thinking, where is that old dog? and this sucks... Summer runs up from the basement she found chase locked in the playroom(thanks Grady) and she peed on the floor(something she hasn't done in like 8 years) So my steam cleaner got a work out that afternoon. But the fairy wing fight and the Teagen kick to Summers face happen while I am trying to clean. I guess whats funny is that I kinda thought I was the only one "suffering" but according to Summers note, it was a tough afternoon on her too. Once Jason got settled in, Summer and I left the craziness and went to the mall. That is good medicine for a bad day.(especially when Bath and Body is having a sale!)

This is why we take vows when getting married

Just kidding...its not that bad, really. But as stated in an earlier post, I wasn't
exactly thrilled. He has be threatening to get another bike for about a year and its kinda been a joke. I tell him when he gets a$500,000 life insurance policy, we'll talk. But he slowing desensitized me. Weeks of bike traders, online shopping go by. I go out of town for a few days and he tells me he's getting a bike when I'm gone ha,ha. Well, one night I am at AKs for Girls Nite, and he calls me on her home phone. Wants to know when I work the next week. Why? Because I bought a Harley on eBay and need to drive to Indiana to get it. WHAT?! I swear he did it because he knew I wouldn't be as nasty about it in front of my friends. So I get off the phone and someone asks what that was all about. Looking for some support from my girls I blurt out the whole story. CAN YOU BELIEVE MY HUSBAND BOUGHT A HARLEY? And you know what I get?
Smiles, giggles and basically everyone agreeing how cool that it is. In other words, not much sympathy. I think only my sister sympathizes with me because her hubby is also always trying to get a new toy that would make her a young widow.
Anyway, I've come around a bit. I see how happy it makes him. I am happy he has something that is just his and a project/hobby for him. He's had to give up a lot since the kids have been born. He used to golf a ton, played on a pool league and did way more hunting and fishing. I am grateful that he is tinkering with a bike rather than going to bars or running off to the casino every week. Just don't expect to see me on the back anytime too soon. (Well,maybe eventually)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

For my scrappy girls...

Have any of you guys seen the add for Around the Block products in a scrapbook magazine? They are giving over $100 of product for $35 in a grab bag. No shipping no tax. Well, I went ahead and got one ordered on their website and got it today...

Awesome value! Love everything in the bag and it only took a couple days to get here! Check it out at

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Schools out for Summer

I take a photo of Summer in front of the school every fall and spring. This child has grown nearly 2 inches since school started. All she talks about is how now she can ride almost any amusement park ride. I had to go pick her up when school was over because she forgot her gift for Mr. Korpi. As I am standing(in the rain) outside her school when the kindergartners come out, so excited because now they are first graders! IT hit me hard. My girl is going to be in 2nd grade. I think of her as one of the little kids at school and shes NOT anymore. As I am standing there seriously trying not to cry, she comes out so proud and so excited to see that I came to pick her up(which we rarely do because its such a zoo around there, and then the bus still almost beats me home!) I just looked at her and took it all in. Nothing is slowing down. I cant do anything about it. EXCEPT get my camera out more and record life HERE and in my scrapbooks.
And what could be more inspiring than this face?

Last Class Party

Whew, I'm a bit behind in posts! These are from Wednesday. The 1st 2nd and half of the the 3rd grade spent the day at a park near the beach. We meet them down there. Summer and her best friends Lauren and Ava. Ava lives on our block so thats wonderful to have a close-by friend. All the kids wore red Bluffton tees. It was a sea of racing red t-shirts!
Geez, I get a good shot of Jason and Grady has to look all goofy-faced.
Teagen had enought of the "mamaratizzi"
This pic doesnt really show it, but that play area was totally overloaded with kids.They were all pretty good. I only saw 1 bloody nose and that was a kid playing ball.
Great day to send off these kids. Needless to say, Summer slept like a rock that night!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Oh yeah, we partied ALL weekend...

So we(I) decided to jam-pack our weekend. 2 out of town open houses in 2 days!
Saturday Jason had to work so I just decided that I was going to my Cousin Lisa's open house on my own with the kiddos. They live in Mason which is over 2 hours away. Rachael and I were just there right before Mothers Day. That's when this pic was taken... Lisa ( top row in the pink) is my Aunt Julie's 1st graduate! Lisa was born shortly after my mom died. And now she leaving for college. Wow. I wasn't thrilled to make that drive again so soon(I hate being in the car and I really hate driving), but was compelled to be there. So glad I went. The kids had a blast and were "ON". Sweet and funny. And once I am there I always feel so comfortable and have a great time. When we went a couple weeks ago, I almost canceled because I had been up the night before, throwing up and just as ill as can be. Figured since Rachael was driving I could manage to ride. When we got there, Julie made me lay down on the couch and put on a DVD of the Gilmore Girls. Julie and the girls took care of the kids and I was just to rest. I can count how many times in my life where someone took care of me(and 1/2 of those were in the hospital)made me think that this is what it would be like if my Mom was still here. Kinda sad but I am so grateful that I do have Julie. With her my Aunt Linda and my Gramma, I still have pieces of her. I am pretty sure it was my Mom who pushed me to go this weekend. That makes me happy.

On Sunday we had to go to Jason's Mom's for her exchange students open house. What Julie and co. didn't know was that I had agreed to make her graduation cake! The kids and I didn't get home until 11:30 pm. I didn't even have any ingredients so had to run up to Plumb's at midnight. Donna had given me some ideas for the cake including the U.S. flag and the Austrian Flag, swimming,choir,acting,tennis. unfortunately all I had time for was the flags and "Congrats Elli, We'll miss you!" written on it. Couldn't figure out how to fit the other stuff on there. I was up until 2am and then 1st thing in the morning working at decorating. Not my best work but it sure got eaten quickly.
And wouldn't ya know, with all this fun stuff I never got my camera out once? Ugh! Well, there will be another open house this weekend...