Sunday, December 7, 2008

December Daily-Day 6

A shot of the tree this year. Which looks just like last year. Which I love. Sticking with the little tree due to the enormous size of some of gifts coming and of course, because of GRADY. He is pretty rough on the tree. Sometimes I love blurry photos. This is US. All dressed up and ready to go.
We had Jason's Company Party last night. Bob and Joan ended up taking the kids overnight so we were even able to go out after dinner(that has not happened in a lot of years. I am generally pregnant or nursing) The weather was horrible, but we only had to go to Spring Lake. Nice dinner. I had Prime Rib and Tiramisu(sorry about the spelling) and Jason had Walleye and Chocolate cake. Afterward, everyone wanted to go to a bar but somehow we got on the subject of bowling. So we did and I was very happy. It was really fun! I did fine but not great. Jason did quite well considering its been at least 7 years since we have bowled(Mrs. Adams would be proud) After, we watched the crazy folks sing Karaoke. I laughed so much I was hoarse this morning. And I swear, I get a second hand smoke hangover! I felt terrible(no I did not drink too much). I will be so happy if some kind of smoking band ever goes through in this state. YUCK.
But it was really nice to get out, get to know people and basically just be together with other grown ups! I will never take that for granted:)


Mandy said...

I am so jealous you got to go bowling! I love bowling and the only bowling I get is Wii bowling! Glad you guys got to get out with adults and have some fun! Your christmas tree looks great! BTW..did you get your American Girl stuff in the mail?? I did, and the outfit is soo cute!!

Lea said...

I have to say, it's not often Tom and I get out w/o the boys. When we do, it's usually one or the other of us going out, not necessarily us going out together. As the boys get older, we're starting to leave them more. It helps we both have parents eager to babysit!! YEAH!! Glad you enjoyed the night out - and bowling is awesome!!

Shelly said...

sounds like you guys had a great evening. I love to go bowling I am not good at it but I still like getting out and trying. your tree looks beautiful.

Kristin said...

I am glad that you had a wonderful adult night. Everyone needs that every now and again. Bowling...haven't done that in years unless, like Mandy, you count wii.
Love the pictue of the tree too!!!

Life in the Fast Lane said...

What a great night out! I agree Miss Adams would be darn proud! LOL