Monday, December 22, 2008

December Daily-Day 21

I swore I was not doing a gingerbread house this year. In the past, they have been a lot of work and I always get stuck finishing it alone. I have been tempted many times this season to buy a kit, but the memories of frustration kept coming back. Finally, At toys R us, I caved when they had a Willie Wonka one. Wow, actually good candy! I was sold.

I decided it would be an advent calendar gift, and Sunday was just right. However, we got off to a rough start... NO lie, every piece was broken. Thank goodness all that HGTV watching had taught me some superior grouting skills.
Of course, the extra step of repair work just meant that the kids ate more of the decor while waiting. Grady was crazy for the Runts bananas.

While waiting for the icing to dry, the girls drew out their designs for the house and came to a few compromises.

A very sugary-sweet kiss...

And then I just basically let them go at it. They took the job very seriously and I think were shocked that I just "let" them do it. And ya know what? They did great.

It lasted about 30 minutes before it was a pile of ruins. Ah well, the best $10 I ever spent.


Mandy said...

We had a broken piece too! But not all of them!! I would write the company and tell them...ya never know, you may bet some good willy wonka candy! The house looks great! The kids did a great job!!

Shelly said...

I think that it looks beautiful they did a wonderful job. Our walls kept caving in and as soon as I got a picture the kids dug in and started eating it! Great fun!!

Jodi said...

Those girls are just like their mom...drawing out the plans ahead of time!! :) The house turned out super cute! Good for you for letting them go at it by themselves! I am just not that mom...issues! :)

Kristin said...

We also had some broken pieces. I really don't know what everyone is talking about. I thought it went up very easy. I think the "green thing" helped. Of course, it is now sitting hard to eat...have no idea what I am suppose to do with it!?!?

It looks great are right $10 WELL SPENT:)!!!!

Lea said...

I absolutely LOVE this last pic!! It's definately a perfect capture of their pure excitement!! We have YET to tempt the gingerbread house we got as a gift 2 years ago!! We will be decorating santas cookies tomorrow night though...wish us luck!!

Stefanie said...

What fun! Great skills "fixing" the pieces.

Theresa said...

I love the sugary kiss!!! how cute!

the last picture is great too!!!

Way to sit back and let them work, MOM! Independance...the first step!

Merry Christmas!