Thursday, December 11, 2008

December Daily-Day 10

This is what happens when I get to the school to pick up Summer from Spainish 20 minutes early and only have my camera to keep me occupied... I'll spare you the 15 other shots that mostly make me look neck-less.

But I did try one of her once she got in the car. Gotta capture this smile before her mouth fills with those adult teeth.

Great day. For some reason I was really tired all day and cold. So after taking Summer to school, the littles and I snuggled under the down blanket and watched some TV. It was very sweet. One of those moments that you know while they are happening that you need to cherish it, but just cant get enough.
Eventually I needed to get ready(showered and dressed) I was meeting friends for dinner and needed to run into the mall for a couple things. Dinner was great. Friends are even better.You could tell we all needed a little escape, even if only for a few hours. Then off to toys r us for their secret sale coupon and a $10 gift card that Jason got when he bought Grady's train. A quick stop to the store for milk and dog food, I got home where Jason was waiting for my leftovers from Olive Garden(told you guys I wouldn't get to eat it for lunch!).
Not sure whats going in the daily. Obviously was not as good with my camera as I wanted. But that shot of Summer is pretty cute. Maybe with a quote from her favorite Christmas song this year(all I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth) Since it is pretty much on constant rotation around here....


Kristin said...

Oh, the things we do to entertain ourselves! GREAT to see you (all of you!) last night. Can't wait to see you all again! FANTSTIC picture of Summer. Must go in your book!!!!

Theresa said...

I do believe that Picture of Summer with that Song title would be a GREAT addition to you book!!! and I love your December Daily...I look forward to reading it like everyday!!! (or almost everyday) glad you didn't post it yesterday, I wasn't on! so I had something to look forward to today!!! You ladies (FABULOUS) always give me a laugh! Thanks for that!

Jodi said...

I like the self portrait. green is a good color on you...very festive. My question, though, is how big of a camera are you sporting in the front windshield of your car? It seems like an easy access peek at what you are doing and I'm sure I'd get more than a laugh attempting the same thing in our parking lot. Don't think I haven't done it, but mine are usually with my cell...and the pics are crappy because of it. Keith caught me taking self portraits in my van with my Canon and he laughed at me but in a YOU- ARE-MORE-STRANGE-THAN-I-ORIGINALLY-THOUGHT tone.