Thursday, October 29, 2009

Field Trip- Farmers Market

Teagen's class does at least 1 parent day a month, and on months with holidays, its usually 2. I love it because I get to see what her daily life is like away from home. Since she's never been in daycare, its kind of a tough spot for me to have her with her own little life every day. So parent day is important to me. Not to mention, she is a middle child, and never gets anything that is just for her. She is thriving in the school environment.
Unfortunately, I have to bring Grady with me. This started out OK. Mrs. Cooper treats him like another student. He had breakfast with the class and sat in the circle.

It was both of their 1st time on a bus. They loved it. Teagen was very proud to be riding a real school bus.
At the farmer's market, things went bad fast. Grady tried to hide and run away from me. I was trying to help Teagen complete her list of things to find. and it was really cold and rainy. Here is Grady hiding....

Also I should mention that Grady stole a giant beautiful apple. By the time I noticed it, we were no where near anyone selling apples, and I had no clue who he took it from. A proud moment for me, certainly.

A class pic. You should know that I had Grady in a headlock with my knees in order to get this shot.
Dedication, I tell ya.

Back to the classroom. Grady always finds the naughtiest boys to sit with. The teacher even noticed this and said something.
Next year is going to be awesome.
But since the day was supposed to be about Teagen, I would like to share that she is just amazing me with her social skills, and it seems that for now, all the preschool skills come very easy to her. She is great with scissors, and can write every letter. Mrs. Cooper also made a point to tell me that Teagen has fantastic writing skills. Already sounding out words and writing them in stories! That girl makes me so proud!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Finally Fall

It has been so unbearably cold the last couple weeks, that I was worried that we may have skipped fall altogether and started right into winter. But it seems to be a bit warmer this week so we took our chance and headed to the pumpkin patch at Lewis Farms on Monday. If you are local, then you certainly have most of these same pics, but starring your own children. Its an amazing place and we are very fortunate to have Lewis Farms right here in West MI, and really just a short drive away.
I love the look in Teagen's eye here, she really is full of it.

Jason had spent a good part of the day in the woods, so we picked him up and brought him along.

And you're are nuts if you don't fall in love with the baby zebra.

Summer Jaye Applehead.

Oh its the baby again! I want one!
This guy sure got big since last year. He's got a lot of personality too. And did I mention he is HUGE?

I mean really, he could live here, right? He's not much bigger than my dogs(yet)... And is it weird that I don't care much for horses, but this guys steals my heart? him!

Lewis Farms has the best little Bunny Town. So cute and fun to watch those furballs.

We've been reading "Llama Llama Red Pajama" a lot, so of course these guys were a big draw for the little folk.

Time to make your pumpkin pick!

The job was taken very seriously.

And some winners were taken home. Along with hot cider and cookies. Mmmm.
We plan to carve this weekend, and need to start working on ideas. Not to mention the last minute touches I need to add to everyones costumes.
I have a field trip with Teagen's class this week, so watch for that post later. I promise, I will get better about posting again!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Over the summer I was lucky enough to help a friend with an event she was organizing. She asked if I would be interested in working with one of her friends and run a face painting booth. I didn't realize what a cool art form REAL face painting can be, and after some research I was hooked. Angela, my painting partner felt the same way. Over the summer we both did some more work in the art and after some time and consideration, we decided to join in a little business we are calling la-la land.

la-la land is face painters for hire, party planners and so much more. Face and body art is hot right now, and we use only professional quality, makeup grade, top of the line face and body paints.

Perfect for:

children's parties- We can match your theme! Fairy Party or Superhero Bash, anyone?

bachelorette parties- Very trendy,sexy painted eye masks for everyone!

baby bumps-Unlike what everyone else is doing, and hides any imperfections for prenatal photography! You and your baby-to-be will be a work of art.

We can do face paint only or even go all the way to planning the entire event, while you sit back with you camera capturing the moments. How much you want done is up to you.

So anyway, Angela and I are so excited about this and hope you are too! If you are at all interested, we are accepting bookings NOW! contact us at

Thanks in advance for supporting me and Angela in this lalaland adventure!!!!