Monday, May 25, 2009

I adore these kind of days...

You the ones where there is something you want to and nothing you have to do. Yeah that was pretty much our entire weekend. I enjoy it, because much of our summer is not going to be that way.
Today, the parade down the street...
our favorite spot.
And my favorite for photos.

I always have to wear sunglasses to this parade because without fail my eyes water at the sight of the Vets and marching bands. I mean the Big Reds are some serious talent, and I never was much of a band girl. Considering the size of our community, it really is a nice parade and a great chance to catch up with neighbors after the horrendous winter.

Grady's second balloon. He had such a fit after the 1st one flew off, that some sweet lady crossed the street just to give him a new one.

And speaking of balloons, Teagen wouldn't take one either time it was offered to her. The thought of losing it was more than she could bear and just decided it wasn't worth it. This simple act really just sums Teagen up. A very cautious girl I've got here.
I find myself really wishing that school just ran from Labor Day to Memorial Day. It seems wrong that Summer has to go back tomorrow.
Just two more weeks, I supose we'll live:)

Friday, May 22, 2009

stuff and suggestions

Its a bit of nothing today, which is exactly how I like it. Summer has a half day today, and this morning was "walk to school day". Our school received a grant for this, strangely enough. the buses and parent dropped all the kids off at a local park where they fed the entire school breakfast and all the teachers were there in these bright orange t-shirts to walk the kids down the boardwalk to school. Dang, I wish I could have walked past Lake Michigan on my way to school everyday! They even had police escorts(although I have no clue why, part of the grant, I am sure) Very cool and fun too.

Of course I had no camera.

Ah well.

Last soccer game is tomorrow. I am ready to not have schedules to follow. Even if soccer is very relaxed, its just one more thing. I like to keep things very relaxed for the summer. No need to be running all the time. If I wanted to do that, I would have a real job. Then at least all the running would bring some $$ in the house!

In other news..(paper related, sorry, I cannot help myself) If you are scrappy, you must have this.... If you ever scrap with me, you know I live by sketches and get a lot done when I have them. I draw page plans all the time. Waiting in the car at soccer, at the beach in the summer, sitting with the kids outside, yadda, yadda, yadda. sometimes I sketch a layout that I see somewhere, sometimes I completely copy someone elses sketch. Often it is just playing around and balancing out elements.

I have to tell you that I hated the idea of sketches or planning out my layouts in advance. I have always been a wing-it kind of girl in every aspect of life. Sketches are for organized people, not me. But when I tried it, my layouts really started to take on a style. My own style. I will never go back.

The idea book above is so full of ideas, I mean bursting! And while I did happen to win this copy, I would have bought it in an instant. Its worth every penny.

These were of course done with sketches. The first completely out of my head. The second modified from something I saw somewhere...

One more suggestion...a blog/website you must wander if you never have.
This is a very popular site, you will see why. Ree is funny, lives a life like ours, but maybe a bit more interesting:) She does TONS of giveaways. Best recipes in the world. Her love story rivals any book I've read(Black Heels, read it!) and her photography and photoshop tips are amazing and for real people! I cannot say enough good things about this site. Best blogsite I have ever visited.
OK, I am outta here! Enjoy the Holiday weekend. I am promising myself to take lots of pictures:)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Just a quick post to thank everyone who sent Summer box tops for her class. They won the pizza party!!! She was so proud, and as you all know, that is priceless:)

Monday, May 18, 2009

There goes my girl

Summer turned 8 years old. Wow.

She had to get a new bike. Her old one just looked silly, all knees and elbows. Hope this one last a few years.

And look how grown up she looks. Holy moley.

Ah, and the highly anticipated cake.

I managed a dragon after all...

Ignore the foil. I get a bit of tunnel vision when creating and forget some details...

Pretty cute, huh? It took me almost all day. And it was only for our little family of five. But it made Summer so so happy. She saw that morning that I had baked two 8 inch round cakes and could not figure out how that turned into this.

It wasn't easy.

But not that hard either.

Her very special gift from Daddy.

Its so neat to get gifts that are also a promise of time spent together. She is so excited to "escape" with Jason.

I admit to a bit of jealously.

And a couple things from her brother and sister.

The 1st real legos I have allowed in the house. I am almost certain that Grady wont eat them.

The day went as follows:

School where she brought Pretzel Hugs for the class. and the Spanish after school and we sent fruit roll ups as a special treat. Right home after class to open gifts and then out for dinner at Texas Road House with Grandma Cindy and Papa Rocky.

Where Summer sat on the saddle while everyone hollered for her.

She LOVED it.

Grady told Papa stories...

Teagen was extremely silly sitting by Grandma...

Summer and Daddy...

Peanut kisses...

And while birthdays are bitter-sweet, I certainly find them more sweet. I adore seeing these people grow. Yes, its happening fast. But I cannot change that. My job is to be sure that they enjoy THIS age, and learn and experience appropriately. I will fight hard to keep my girl acting as an 8 year old, and not allow the media or other parents and kids rush that.

I love that Summer plays hard, is not afraid to get dirty, and could care less about what someone is wearing or boyfriends. Its sad that she is one of the last girls in her class to still have these qualities.

So here's to being 8. What a great age. And its my favorite number:)

I love this girl with every ounce of my being. She is a spectacular person to grow up with!

Friday, May 15, 2009

OLW challenge layout

The best way to get motivated on my scrapbooking is to visit great challenge blogs. One Little Word is a favorite. The word for this challenege is "TWO" in honor of their 2 year anniversary.

Here is my take...

Without that prompt, I never would have come up that title. And I love it!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Test Drive

You may or may not have noticed(or care) that I randomly add songs here and there to this playlist. You see, I need to test out a song for several days before I commit and pay a whopping dollar for it on itunes. And I know that Jason listens at his desk at work, so I like to keep him on his toes. Even if he thinks its all emo anyways. Sorry babe, I refuse to add any RATT or Lita Ford.(I'm kidding, Jason has really good taste in music)

So am I crazy, but I think the current top song is in a commercial, but I cannot place it. Yes I know "Colors" is in a commercial, that is how I fell in love with it. But I am already a bit tired of it. Still love those lyrics.
Sometimes a song I sorta "discover" ends up in a commercial anyway. I will try to take that as a complement to my taste.
I think.

Does anyone know if "Ordinary Day" is a commercial?
I'll gag if its a Sears ad.

Monday, May 11, 2009

This, That, and the Other

Have you done the Home Depot kids workshop day? It is the 1st Saturday of the month and they get to build a project. Jason and Teagen stumbled across it a couple weeks ago where she got to make this:
They have it assembled in kits and give the kids an apron and they receive a pin for ever project they complete. Jason mentioned in passing that he had another daughter at home and they gave him a second kit for her! So they have been working hard building and then painting their wheelbarrow to give me as Mothers Day gifts. They even all took off early Saturday morning to attend the flower planting workshop there so that we could have plants too! And Teagen's poor marigold has been through the wringer. It was dropped by the teacher at the home depot, last night the cat pulled it out of the dirt and we found it spilled all over the table, and then I dropped it before I took this photo! Poor thing!

Last week Summer had an artist reception here:

Its the Hackley building. She was so excited to have her work chosen and displayed. I was a proud mama.

Saturday we went to my cousin's wedding. kinda chilly, but short and sweet. good thing, since we brought the entire gang.

And mothers day.
What a great day really.
Even if my necklace is still not here(long story, for another post)
My family is very good at special days. My husband is super sweet and knows the little things mean a ton.
I woke and came upstairs to a surprise of littles and all their sweet pictures and cards. Summer made me a coupon book for chores that I know she takes very seriously.
And of course my lovely wheelbarrow and flowers.
We left and Jay got my coffee at the bagel shop and we went to the plant nursery. Then it was off to my dads where the guys were making brunch for the ladies!!

And tractor rides, of course.

The guys did great! My dad makes killer omelets, and Jason is the king of french toast.
Gary got there late, so he had clean up duty. Which was nice because it kept Cindy (mostly) out of the kitchen.

You may recall that Summer was actually born on Mothers Day 8 years ago! She got to celebrate a bit early when Aunt Rae brought her gifts.

American Girl stuff!!!

So cute! Its Julie's Barbie Head!
And do you see this skirt? Rachael MADE it. Holy crow it is so adorable.
We packed the gang up and went for a drive to get the kids asleep, and to house shop/dream. Then to Bob and Joan's to drop off some flowers, which turned into staying for a wonderful dinner and hiking around their property hunting for the golf balls that grandpa hits into the woods. They are worth a quarter!
Then home again where I realized that I left my purse at my dads and Jason had to go grocery shopping and the little ones needed baths.
We were exhausted.
Jason rubbed my back.
I didnt have to change a poopy diaper. Or deal with hissy fits.
I got all the love and the fun.
It was a wonderful day.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


With the kids, job, house and other responsibilities, creativity gets put on the back burner(is often sits next to exercise)

but like all things we want to fit into our lives, I have to prioritize. This art is important to me. Time has to be made for it. Its good for my well-being.
And that is good for for my family!

Last Friday Mya and I met at 101 for their 5-12 crop time. I got a lot done, and even came home and did this one(once the mojo is turned on, its hard to turn it back off)

This is made with my Pink Paislee winnings of a couple weeks ago:)

And these are all ones I finished at the crop...

Wait...I did this one at home too...

Love this one. I did buy most of the Basic Grey Lime Rickey line when at 101. Awesome, uber-colorful, and summer-y.
Now I just need to get some albums (11x8.5) to put these in! Thats what I get for scrapping such an odd size!

Breaking News

He did it! I think we have some kind of potty dance going on here...
purely accidental. I was changing his clothes and left him nakey for a few when he peed a bit on the wood floor. Instantly he ran to the bathroom. I figured he was done, but NOPE. More in the potty! He normally won't even sit on the potty, and has never made a deposit of any sort;)
A future without diapers? I can barely imagine.
Finally he gets the dino that has been collecting dust sitting on top of my fridge!

A summer sneak peak

Monday, Summer had a dentist appointment in the morning up in Whitehall.

Oh, shoot. I guess we'll have to spend the 70 degree day at my dad's.

I often have to remind myself that people pay BIG money to vacation places like this. We are so incredibly lucky.

My dad's dog, Callaway. She will not be dry again until November.

See what I mean?

The first times down at the lake are the best times for finding treasure.

Treasure hunting is Summer's favorite pastime.

Crazy animal.

Walking down to watch the carp roll.

The big, hideous, pale fish spawn this time every year year. They used to be all along the shoreline around the lake. Now they stay at one end where there is a bit more vegetation. Pretty fun to watch them.

Boat rides.

Crying when your turn is done.

Tractor rides.

More boat rides.

It should be no surprise that these two were completely soaked(swimming) by the time we made it back up to the house.

My Dad just got back from the World Show in Ocean City, MD where he swept the competition. My photo just doesn't do them justice, but they are simply stunning. I cannot recall exactly what his wins were, but know it included Best in Show, lots of 1st places for categories. I am so proud! They are just amazing! Hope to have more and better photos soon. we have plans for a photo shoot with them floating on the lake(part of the competition is that they actually have to float like a real duck!)
So what was going to be lunch at Papa's, turned into dinner with Grandma! When we finally left at 8pm on a school night, I found myself longing for summer vacation! Soon enough I guess.
Cannot wait for many more days like this one:)