Monday, December 31, 2007

And A Happy New Year

We are heading to Bob and Joan's for to hang out for the night. 1st we are all taking a nap so we can make it to midnight! Joan and Alesha are providing a seafood feast and I got some serious dessert covered. And of course a little (lots) champagne. Gotta get it all out of my system. I am not a resolution kinda girl, but I will not be baking ANYTHING until Teagen's birthday. That alone should help Jason and I drop 10 lbs each!

Wishing all Health, Safety and PEACE in 2008!!! Cheers!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Morning

What a whirlwind.3 days of crazyness and its over. I wish I had pics from Xmas eve, everyone was dressed up and looked so stinkin' cute!

The morning was fun. After gifts we lazed around for a while, munched and played. finally got around to getting ready for my Dads. They spoiled us as usual and went way overboard. I will have to take a photo of my new carving from my dad and post it. It is amazing. How can his stuff keep getting better? Anyway, we had a great dinner and too much dessert. Dad and Cindy loved on the kiddos for a while and then when babies started to get grumpy we all left.

Grady wound up getting sick that night. 103.5 temp and crabby. No other symptoms of anything. Weird. Maybe teeth (those dang molars) but that seems way to high a temp for teeth. Now Jason and I are under the weather. We always get sick together and him way worse! I am fighting this cold with everything I got... tea, vitamins, oranges, water, juice. We will see. I am going to bed now to see if I can sleep some of it off.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Grandma Donna's

Yesterday did not turn out as planned, thanks to the horrible weather. We were supposed to go to My Grandpa Freed house for the early afternoon in Grand Ledge and then go to Jason's Mom's in Grand Rapids for the evening. It was decided that it would be too dangerous to drive to my Grandpas and my dad didnt even want us to leave Donna's and drive from there. Well, it was pretty scary, but we made it. It took forever. Jason did great. He is amazing under pressure and a great driver(DO NOT TELL HIM I HAVE ADMITTED THIS) Seriously we would be behind taillights and then they would just totally dissappear. I am so bummed not to see my two preggo cousins and everyone else at my Grandpas but the risk is NOT worth anything. But we had a great time at Donna and Marks. the 1st photot is all the Schultz kids.Jason's Bro has 4, Alesha has 2 and then our 3. What a group. Good time, Good food, and the kids and everyone were totally spoiled. My photos stink. I hate taking indoor pictures. I miss all the shots with the grandparents.Oh,well.
Today i have to bake a pineapple upside down cake for the Gilchrist party at 5pm in Whitehall , and then rush off to Flanders (Cindys fam) in Montague. Whew..crazy last part of our day, but we wouldn't miss any of it. Its Tradition!

These are a few of my Favorite things...

My Hand-made Christmas gifts. Starting with the 1st one A stocking made in 1978 from my Gramma A. So adorable. Then the next 2 photos are my annual Santas from my Grandpa and Grandma Freed. We got one each year once we get married. I won an extra one as a draw gift one year. What a bonus! The next photo w/ three santas are ones my dad made.His style is totally different from my grandpa and I LOVE it.
Grandma Marion (Cindy's Mom) makes the felt stockings and have so much fine detail, and our regular family stockings come from Jason's mom and are made by a family friend. I have tons more handmade gift that I totally treasure but then this would go on forever! I just know how lucky I am to have such talented people in my life. Thank you for sharing all that with my little house. My appreciation for all things homemade come from all of you!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Well, here is yet another winter tradition in our house. Jason and Summer started this one last year. Covering the windows with paper snowflakes. I really love this one because we can keep them up past Christmas. I add some paper doilie hearts when Valentine's Day is close. The best part is that everyone can make paper snowflakes ( Ok, not Grady yet) Its as crafty as Jason gets and even my Dad made a couple when they babysat for us. Now we have lights up on the house and around the front windows and the snow flakes look even better!
I am so LOVING hearing every ones traditions. people are posting them on their blogs and its so fun to see your own twist on the holidays and everyday life. Please keep sharing!

Friday, December 14, 2007


Here are two more of our little traditions. 1st is our advent calendar. I got it when Summer was little but I think I will have to upgrade next year to a bigger one. I want one with little doors or drawers for each day of the month. Right now I had to SQUEEZE 2 tiny candy bars in each pocket for the girls. They look forward to it each day and we get a little math practice doing the countdown.

The 2nd photo is "The CRAZY House" This house is a 1/2 mile from us and is indeed crazy. Its on Shuller(I think) off Laketon near the lake. Their yard and lot is COVERED with the tackiest stuff in Christmas history AND WE LOVE IT. We've been calling it "The CRAZY House" for 10 years, since Jason and I moved to Muskegon. Summer fell in love as a toddler and now if we are out past dark and no one is crying, we have to drive past it. I think we have been past 4 or 5 times this year already. These people just want to make all the little kids happy and it is just awesome.

Gotta work for 4 hours tonight. I've got a stop to make to get a gift on my way in. Going to take my X-mas cards to work and hopefully if its as slow as yesterday I can get them mostly done! Jason is out grocery shopping ( love that) And I am making lunch for my babes. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oh, Christmas Tree

This is Tigger(on the TV) Teagen and our sweet little tree. I do love this little tree even though its fake. At this point in life it is necessary. TO many little kids and dogs. Even the cat leaves it alone. I don't have to worry about Grady filling his cheeks with pine needles. Our ceilings are so high that if we didn't put the tree on the little table, it would just look ridiculous. I have to say that Christmas Morning this tree is awesome with all the gift piled up underneath. My only concern is that the poor thing may collapse due to the sheer volume of ornament that it displays!
One day when we move, it will become the "kids tree" and hold only kid-made ornaments and then we will get a REAL family tree. Sorry my photo is so cruddy. I took it last night while the kids watched some specials on TV. Did anyone else see the Shrek Christmas? I only saw part of it but it was funny! Grady was laughing so hard he kept falling over!

Monday, December 10, 2007


We left for Mason Saturday morning for our annual Cookie Day. This is my Aunt Julie's House (my Mom's sister). We have had this family tradition since I was pretty little. We all get together a bit before X-Mas and decorate TONS of the most delicious sugar cookies(baked by my Uncle Dan!) The deal is that even the "Guys" have to do some. They usually resort to assembly line work with quickly icing and then using the same color sprinkle on all of them. The little kids are the best. Teagen frosted, sprinkled and then ate the cookies she worked on. This is good concidering her constant finger-licking throughout the whole process. Summer was very creative with hers and used lots of color. My Aunt Linda has always provided the sugar sprinkles in a rainbow of colors. She found them bulk years ago and bought a TON, but our supply is dwindling and we have not found a source for similar sugars. They are BIG (as far as sugars go) and BRIGHT. This, and of course the taste, is what sets our cookies apart.
After cookies, we ate tacos that Julie made and had brownies my Gramma made for desert ( like we needed desert, but at least we didn't eat MORE cookies!) The kids got some GREAT books for gifts and I recieved a beautiful piece of wall art made by my Gramma(picture later) and a fun tree Peacock from my Aunt Linda that I think will be living in my studio after the holiday. We all had a great time. The kids love seeing their big cousins (Summer chattered about them the whole way home) I have more reading material sent by Julie,and Jason got some special cookies from Gramma, just for him. Our drive was easy and even fun. Lots of talking and listening to X-Mas music. Cookie Day is our Holiday kick-off. I can see now that at the Schultz House, Christmas is HERE!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

You have to check this out

Click on Nitty Gritty over to the right. She has just posted an awesome story about a great loss in her life. Her blog is SO inspirational. I cry almost every time I read it. Please check her out! It will change your day!

What matters most

these were taken this past Sunday. I think they sum up our everyday life pretty well. Summer is in every picture(center of attention), The house is a disaster, Grady is a bit of a (sweet) bully, we try to do something fun everyday(making brownies) and Teagen's face is dirty(again).
OK, the messy house drives me nuts. But I decided a long time ago that time spent enjoying my family if far more important than a perfect house. Life is too short and I don't want to miss a thing! What would my Mom have done if she had known that at 30 that she would be gone in 3 years? It wouldn't have been dusting, I know that for sure. Now, I realize that its irresponsible to live each day like its your last(or else I would be maxing out credit cards all over town!) But I think we can all apply some of that saying to our lives and really benefit. It goes along with "don't sweat the small stuff". Sometimes I need to step back and take in the entire picture to see what matters most.
Well today is a busy one. I am finishing up some secret projects(gifts), I have to pack for everyone for our trip to Mason tomorrow, and I just found out that Jason has to fly to Wisconsin next Weds for work, and I need to figure out if I am working or not and how to deal with that! And I thing Jason and I will play "Rock-Paper-Scissors" to see who is stuck grocery shopping and getting my Jeep an oil change.
So have a great weekend, I'm grabbin' my coffee and gettin' GOin'!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

One Crazy Week

I have had to work every night this week. Its because I keep asking for weekends off. But I hate working 4 days in a row ( I know I am not getting a lot of sympathy from you working mamas out there) yesterday was a stupid meeting from 6-9pm. What a drag. But tonight I only work 6-10pm and we are having a BIG sale so that means I can rock out some decent commission for more shopping $$$!!!

This weekend...Friday night Jason and Summer are going to literacy night at her school. And Saturday morning we take off for Mason for COOKIE DAY with my Mom's side of the family. I love Cookie Day. Kicks off the season and its so fun. I will post pics and explain this tradition when we get back. What kind jof traditions do you have? what traditions do you want to start? I have a few that we do just at my house that I will share next week.

The photo above was an outtake from our x-mas photo shoot. I did get some good can view them in you mailbox in about two weeks!