Friday, December 5, 2008

December Daily-day 5

What would December be without a long winters nap?
Oh and its cold too. less than 20 degrees. Nothing better than napping on a day like this.
But me? I'm wrapping presents.


Kristin said...

Precious! I love Daddy and daughter pictures. They are the best!!!!

Mandy said...

LOVE IT!! You forgot to remind me that today was the day you were going to wrap MY presents for me!!! Be over in the morning with my load!!

Lea said...

I have to admit...every Sunday afternoon after church, when the boys lay down for their nap...I do too!! So far Andon still sunggles on my chest which I adore. (Lukas of course is too big, but I swear he still would if I let him!)

Life in the Fast Lane said...

Absolutely adorable!