Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Soccer Girl

Her Second game was Saturday at 9am. But we had to be there at 7:30ish for team pics.
Anyone else have crazy wind?? WOW.
So happy that Jason stayed behind with the little kids. It would have been whine city out there. I did something weird with the first games pictures and they wont load onto blogger. Which was actually fine because she was SO much more into the game this time around. She tends to hang back and let the other kids take the kicks, but Saturday she had some really great blocks, and even took the ball down the field a couple times:)

We lost, but in our defense, our team is 6 or sometimes 7 players(depends on if one kids decides to show) this was a full team we were up against! Our kids were so tired.

My best laughs were watching her on the sideline. Cheering and dancing, trying to stay warm.
I always think of her as being such a big girl(as compared to her sis and bro) but really she's still so small and young.
And sweet:)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Another day amongst the butterflies

THIS POST CONTAINS AN UNREASONABLE NUMBER OF PHOTOS. Only proceed if you wish to waste a bunch of time by reliving my Thursday.

Summer was off school yesterday(I believe for Charles Hackley Day. A perk of being in a town basically built by one man, I suppose)

So we went to the Gardens to see the butterflies(whew, made it by 7 days this year!) I try to wait until the weather is decent so that we can spend the good part of the day outdoors in the children's gardens. Last year that bit us in the butt when we made plans to go, and it was the day after then butterflies were done(what does that mean anyway? Do they all just fall and die? do they let them go? Do they turn off the heat? )
Yesterday was nearly perfect.
This is actually not a blurry photo. they seem to have "fog machines" going in that place. Its so warm and tropical. Like a dream.

Grady was well loved by all the seniors in that place. stomping around with his hands on his hips. Oh he is a delight.

Teagen asked to have her photo taken with this "Hairy Tree". Lovely. Too bad I am not a pageant mom type. Look how she stands with her arms so perfect at her side. She could be good. We will have to work on the fake smile though.

They all really like this sculpture. It was called "Mad Mom".
Very funny.
I think you all look like an AT&T commercial. ("More bars in more places..")

can you hear me now?

I hope she ducks...

Can you hear me now?


So it was before lunch and still a bit too cool for water play.
Like that is going to stop anyone.

Teagen is the Tea Party Queen. She did not want to leave this area. I wanted to take the table and benches home.

OH, yeah, Summer got a haircut. We like it, but her hair just does better long. Gets too poofy.

We discovered that Grady has far better climbing skills than previously thought.

I made her hair clip out of scrapbook stash the night before.

LOOK!! I was there too!

Summer is going through a dragon phase. Its funny, because I did too. She is gaga for dragons. I am worried because this could result in a dragon cake for her birthday. I have limits, people.

Jason and his Mini-ME.

Dress up girl found her happy place.

Awe, he's so cute!

Still think so?

I screwed up and all the horse shots look terrible.

Against my better judgement(and for fear of grass stains) I let them climb the hills so that they could roll down. MUCH steeper than they appear in photos. Jason went up when we realized that Grady was nearly falling backward with each step.

Lucky for me, because I got this shot...

Rollin Rollin Rollin...

So who has a great grass stain remover tip?

Post- rolling- hair.

I think this is my favorite sculpture there.
I have a thing for type.

And its huge!
Great day. Super fun to have Jason and Summer home on a Thursday and to be able to go do something so fun so close by. And to spend the day in the sunshine, what a dream. It didn't rain until we were almost home.

But I can't lie. Days like this really take it outa ya;)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some girls have all the luck.

Well, really its just that I am not afraid to try to win stuff on blogs:)

This morning, I open up my blog "following" list to see whats been updated, and a papercrafting favorite blog of mine, had a couple posts, one with winners from a random drawing. They do tons of giveaways(they are a division of Creating Keepsakes) but also get tons of entries. Somehow my name popped up out of about 500 entries to win this...
Its Pink Paislee's new release "Enchanting" and I am getting the ENTIRE LINE. We are talking the papers, the flowers, the brads, the press ons, alpha stickers, sticker book, chipboard elements and a chipboard alpha! In scrapbook talk, THAT'S A LOT OF STUFF!!!!(and a lot of $$)

And I am pretty excited(hence the need to blog this) Because just last night I learned that I won another random drawing at of all their newest releases! Actually, my prize was to choose 4 things from their shop. They make the best tags and journaling spots. Colorful and fun:)
Too bad I dont play the lotto;)

SO all this fabulous-ness, AND my husband ordered me my mothers day gift last night and I can't wait to get it! I am sure Kristin knows what it is;) Lets just say its something I have been dreaming of from Lisa Leonard Designs for a very very long time. I'll post it when I get it!!
I am indeed a lucky girl:)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Simple Skirts GIVEAWAY!!!!

Simple Skirts GIVEAWAY!!!!

So simple, perfect little things for My Sweet Tea.

Its worth clicking the link just for her photographs. Love her ideas and the time she puts into a photo shoot of stuff she's just giving away:)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Fill Ins we go!

1. Join me in standing outdoors for any length of time and soaking up a bit of sunshine.
2. Put a little COFFEE in your day! You can thank me later.
3. Happiness is a choice.
4. I am easily tricked and confused. It keeps things interesting.
5. I'm waiting for the dish washer to finish so that I can unload it and then reload it. That's a lot of dishes!
6. the cheeks of a little one are hard to resist.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to and the only reason I am looking forward to it is that I don't have to be back there until next Friday, tomorrow my plans include soccer game and house stuff, maybe a ride out to look at some property, and Sunday, I want to get crafty or work on some house projects. last night I bought a huge awesome mirror at TJ maxx for $20!! score! Its going in the dining room(finally getting around to taking down the houses for a while) along with some other things. I am still a bit cluttery, that will never change:)


I had a horrible dream about my husband last night. Usually this statement would be something like I dreamed that he cheated on me or blah blah blah and then I cannot help but to be a bit angry with him for the day. He has done the same about me:) We are funny that way. We can totally laugh about it, make tons of jokes, but that yucky feeling hangs on. My dream last night was that he was dying. HORRIBLE. And weird because we were in some sort of class together and there was this feeling of time running out. Of course there was more, but this is all I know how to put into words. So today I feel especially appreciative and loving towards him. He'll probably wonder whats gotten into me!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No, you are.

This arrived at my door step today.

I cried.

Its beautiful.
The seahorse.
Those words.
Because I certainly don't feel that way.
( but I really want to be)

Thanks to my friend Marie for thinking of me and making my head swell to about 3 times its size;)

If you have not seen these prints before, I strongly recommend that you click on the name "Kal" on my blog list on the right. Kal is an amazing designer/artist and all around awesome person that inspires me every day. She is the cool mom/person I want to be. Far from perfect, but oh so positive. In fact, she coined the phrase"bullet-proof positive attitude" which I often remind myself with when things get rough. Kal was/is selling her prints, and I fell in love. Apparently so did Marie:)

Thank you again Marie. I was simply stunned to say the least. You inspire me too. In more ways than you can imagine.

I am reminded again as to how blessed and charmed my life is. I am surrounded by some very incredible people with big hearts. Friendship has exploded in my life over the past year. I am so so very grateful.

I hope you feel the same about me. But I am a work in progress.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter:)

I am trying...

I was all ready this morning, with a big cuppa coffee, to dig into this computer and set picasa back up and start posting with pics again. Jason "cleaned" the computer, erasing everything. Luckily I keep all my photos on my computer as well as snapfish. And since most of my favorites make it to blog posts, they are also forever stored on blogger.

Anyway, so I went to "dive" in, and no such luck. Its going to make me crazy. I dont want to buy a new computer, but I am really starting to think thats where we are heading. Even just getting to where I am right now was not as simple as its supposed to be. I know computers dont last forever, but 8 years seems too short. And wasteful. Yet everyone laughs when they hear how old it is.

So I am weighing in. If we do buy another, should we go with a laptop, or keep a desktop? I am leaning toward the laptop mostly because I hate the messy giant computer desk in my dining room. But not sure about actually using the laptop regularly. Seems weird.

Everything is breaking around here. It kinda starts to freak me out. The vaccume is on it last leg (basically at the mercy of my husband ordering a part) and the microwave is being very exciting! occasionally putting on quite a light show when warming something up. basically, there are a few tiny spots inside that have lost paint when I was scrubbing it out. And I wont even get started on Jason's awesome car.
I will take a chance and say that the TV is hanging in there well. I think that its so old it was actually built to last. We have a clothes dryer like that too.
Ah, the good ol days before disposable appliances...

Dont give up on this blog:) I will be back and as good as ever!

Friday, April 3, 2009

I can actually say we are about 90 percent back to normal around here. I even put all the medicines and thermometer away. The only thing lingering is the annoying cough that keeps me from sleeping. But I am sure it's going to be gone soon.

We have lots of fun in store for our snowy spring break. A birthday party, going to Crazy Bounce with a big group of friends, Aunt Julie and her girls are going to visit, fun Easter activities, and on Friday a bunch of us are going out for dinner and a movie!! Throw in soccer pratices, some kid movies,and a couple nights of work, and I would say it's pretty action packed! I'm ready. We have spent too much time on the couches lately. If only the weather would perk up.

Sorry about the lack of communication on the possible Denmark trip. Jason's company wants him to have a "global view". That means shipping him across the world to see their other plants. Still waiting to see if there is a delay(hope so!)and then I will go next year with him. Denmark is actually a really cool place. Small and surrounded by the ocean. And in the summer, they only have a couple hours of darkness. Even if it's not my first choice for a vacation, I would still love to go explore and be there with him.

My babes are ready for a nap, so I'm outa here for now.

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I seriously underestimated the power of the flu. We will never miss a flu shot!!!

my husband has yet to fix the computer. I know my way around the Internet, but when it comes to the actual computer componets, I am totally lost. So I am at his mercy.

So much happening, but then not really. I think we are getting better. Teagen is still running a temp, but she also had shots on Friday. Tonight will be my first night back to work. Soccer started. Tomorrow is the last day of school for spring break. My house is a wreck, but I still get tired so easily, that I really am not ready to do much. Frustrating!

I made the decision to not go to Denmark with Jason. I am really bummed. But the plane ticket alone is$1200. Since the computer and the TV are in a race to see who dies first, Denmark is just not first on the list to spend $1000 on. The only good thing is that there is a chance that his company will postphone the trip a bit and that would allow me to save specifically for that trip. So it's not over quite yet. I really just don't want him away from home for 10 days!! Yikes!

I have to say that it's not easy typing on this tiny iPod. Hopefully my next post will come from a full size keyboard.