Wednesday, January 14, 2009

well this post is all over the place...

Teagen enjoys keeping shoes in order. That is her job. She only does it once in a while, so today I took this shot after her organizing. After playing with the photo for a bit, I realized that photography is just not my thing. I do love to capture moments, but all the technical stuff...not for me. I never have been a perfectionist. Maybe someday when I get a "real" camera, but for now this will have to do. The shot does say a lot about our life right now. The kids wear these year round. for quick trips out. Even Grady can get them on by himself. I think wellies are probably one of the most convenient things of my day. And they are super-cute too.

So today. truth is, I woke up with a bit of a sore throat. Not a good sign. Its kinda weird, but I have a serious fear of being ill. In high school I was never sick. Never. Had perfect attendance(most of the time) Then I started working, and eating and sleeping like crap. I basically have had strep throat every year since graduation. Then once I starting working with the public(the credit union, curves,tanning salon etc...) I seem to get sick a ton. And that's not even counting illness brought home by kids and my constant struggles with food poisoning! And lets not forget motion sickness, and the time spent with morning sickness. Ugghh. Do I sound like a hypochondriac yet? Well, I am happy to report that along with saving money, Jason and I eat out a ton less than in the past, and in turn I have not had food poisoning since last year.(honestly I think my system is just a bit more sensitive to bacteria than most)And the only cold I've had was in October and somehow only lasted 2 days. But the fear is still there. Every time my tummy gurgles, I am sure I will be up all night with my head in the toilet. Great attitude, right? Sorry, its truly a problem.

So how come I haven't gotten sick? What have I done different? Some things have changed for last year. First being that I am not working. And I don't have Leighton bringing bugs over anymore either. There are 2 biggies. Also, I try to take a vitamin C and a zinc EVERY DAY. NO clue if it works, but a pharmacist suggested it when I was nursing, so I have tried to keep up with it. I have always been a crazy hand washer, but being home all day has me doing it even more. To the point of my hands being VERY dry. ewwe. And I am drinking coffee every day, not just when I go to Starbucks. Could that possibly help? But both my fruit and water consumption are down. So I need to work on that. My sleeping is still kinda iffy, but nothing like having back to back babies. So I suppose that little difference is something to note.

I bet that if I get on the treadmill, drink more h2o and eat some fruit, I will really be rockin'!

I am hoping that this sore throat is just because I cleaned out the horrible filter in the vacuum yesterday(which had me sneezing all day and night) and that the dust is affecting me. I know
I need to find a new doctor. The one I was seeing is kinda crazy and keeps moving, and I think now my records are with a nurse practitioner that I never liked in the 1st place and now really don't want to see(due to her sons current criminal status-if you are from Whitehall, you know what I am talking about). So I need to transfer my info BEFORE I get sick.

My to do list: Find new Dr.
Drink water
Eat fruit

Anyone with some staying well hints, please share. I will try (almost) anything.


Ramblings of a Crazy Mom said...

When you feel like your coming down with something take more vitamin C. Brad and I will take up to 3000 MG. Sounds like a lot but it really shortens the illness. You can't overdose on vitamin C. It just spills out into your urine if you take too much. We also take zinc religiously and Brad and I very rarely get sick even with all of the bugs the kids bring home.

Kristin said...

laughter...that is my advise for staying healthy. Lots and lots of laughter and of course a good nigt sleep!!!

As far as doctors go, I have my very first "general" doctor, Dr Davidson. She is in the Bear Creek practice across the street from Meijers on Holton Rd...super nice and VERY smart!!! As far as a "girlie" doctor, I just changed to Dr. Ericka Kipp...FANTASTIC!!! Let me know if you want any additional info on either, I will be happy to share my great doctors with of (family)criminal backgrounds...I think:)!!

Lea said...

I'm rarely sick myself, so I can totally relate! For SOME reason, I'm STILL hanging onto nasal congestion I picked up the last week of October! (Yes - I said OCTOBER.) Tom swears by Zicam and I hear a lot of others do too. A lady at work take Airborne and swears by that. Me, personally - I LIVE on hand sanitizer! HA! I also live by Kristin's advice and take in LOTS of laughter. (Sometimes even over things which I shouldn't find so funny....but that's another story.)
I LOVE my Dr...Dr. Addison at Norton Family Practice. I have my entire family going there now. He's GREAT with the kids too. My "girlie" doctor is Elyse Veach - WONDERFUL lady!! Just thought I'd share in case you're interested.

Kim :) said... careful with the hand sanitizer! That stuff (and all the antibacterial soap) that everyone uses is not always so good. It kills ALL bacteria (even the good ones) and can make you way sicker if you happen to get a nasty bug.

Vitamin C is a good thing and you really can't take too much. Take care of yourself!! We all love ya :)

Jodi said...

I've heard what Kim said tons of time. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing!

When I called to get a new doc, Kristin's Dr. davidson (or whatever) wasn't accepting new patients. I signed on with Dr. Saenz. She is in the same building. She is super crazy but I love her! We get along famously. (she's crazy) I like her because she is a SHE.

I love the boots and, for the record, Kyle also had cute rain boots that he wears to do little errands. He has the Cars ones from Target. Now he wants the froggy ones...

Life in the Fast Lane said...

I dont have much advise for you Jenn cause it seems like I have been getting one cold after another this fall/winter! I get over one just to come down with something else! I usually am not like this so maybe I should figure out what I'm doing wrong and let you know what not to do! LOL! =)Hope your feeling better.