Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Evening

We always roll over to my Dad's after a leisurely Christmas morning. I so love this. It is comfortable, simple, and just relaxing. Gramma Cindy opening a gift.
I cannot help but post this. my sweet little Reid-Man. But check out "Dave" from the Chipmunks behind him. He's horrified!

My Dad and his favorite daughter. I think we are just used to it.

Were you aware that my Brother-In-Law Gary was a pirate?

5 kids, 6 adults. The smallest gathering we have. It was a great Christmas. and it wasn't over yet! We still had Christmas with Bob and Joan to go! One of these days, I'll convince everyone to meet for an entire day in one big place! Until then....

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Shelly said...

we always head over to my Moms on Christmas morning in our PJ's, I love that tradition. It helps my parents keep their Christmas spirit!