Saturday, January 3, 2009

One to Remember

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Some gift highlights. We really have it so good.

We stayed in for New Years. Jason had to work both New Years Eve and New Years Day. Which was fin since he didn't have to work Christmas Eve for the 1st time in a lot of years. We bought some drinks, had pizza and Jason and I played some fierce Battleship(he won one, and I won one too)VH1 had 2008 Best Year Ever on and we laughed our butts off at all the crazy stuff that happened this year. Teagen and Summer barely made it to midnight, but didn't want to miss their 1st kisses of 09. Sorry, no pics. But its a wonderful memory:)

I am hoping for 2009 to be a year that helps us move in a positive direction. I hope to know what it is I am going to be doing for the rest (or a good portion of my life) on top of being a good mama and wife. I want to get organized! I want to find a job I can stand and can still be here for my kids. I've got big plans, and big aspirations. We'll see how it goes. Luckily I've never been one to be too hard on myself;)


Shelly said...

I am hoping for the same things in 2009, I am praying that it is going to be a good year for all. Happy New Year!!!

Jodi said...

Love, love the new header. I tried last Wednesday to change my header (notice nothing is there) but the dang picture was 12000x the blog page!! I cannot figure for the life of me what I am doing wrong!!

2009 is going to be my best yet. I don't say that every year because it is a big deal if it doesn't work out. I said it in 04 and it was great. I gave it 5 years so it is time! Happy New Year!

Marie M. said...

I love what you said about 2009! I too hope that I figure out what to do with the rest of my life or at least have peace in the journey (not to sound cliche'). 2006 was horrible, 2007 was about recovery, 2008 was a step in the right direction, so I'm hoping 2009 will have a bit more clarity and contentment. Either way, change is a'coming so I'm hoping it will be good!

Jodi said...

Darn it! I just got back on here to see if there was another update and I really looked at your header for the first time-I mean really looked at it...out of all 3 million backgrounds, I chose the same one!! Sorry! ...great minds...

Also, NO, those aren't poppy seeds on my cookies! Too funny!! I think they are green sprinkles. They look brown but we only have Christmas themed stuff! :)