Saturday, January 3, 2009

Last Christmas...whew...

Our last party was at Brandon and Laura's the Sunday after Christmas. Ya know, durring all the flooding. It was crazy to drive along through the Holland area and see all the parking lots full of water and water that came right up to the road. We got warning that a major road was totally flooded on our route. By the time we came through, it was passable, but barely. Our jeep is designed to go through (up to) 19 inches of water, so I was certain we would be fine. I didn't take into account the idiot driving straight at us from the other direction. He nearly ran us off the edge and right in to the river. Yep, I freaked. But we got there, and it was a wonderful day. The kids disappear into their wonderful downstairs and we get to just relax. I even was able to play a game with Laura and Alesha! Can't tell you the last time I played a game with kids around!

Laura is a fantastic cook/baker, and spoiled us all. My personal favorite was the Mexican Coffee. Oh my, puts ol starbucky's to shame.
Bob got a new bow case.

Teagen was thrilled with a package of "Peek-a-Boos"

So sweet to see the kids taking pics of the little kids.

We had so much fun, but I am so relieved its over. I need my jeans to loosen up a little. Oye.

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