Monday, November 17, 2008

Note to Self

This delights me in so many ways. Remember, naughty is actually good! They are exploring the world and constantly learning. Happy and brilliant children do very naughty throw entire rolls of toilet paper in the toilet that's has not been flushed:)

I must have the next Einstein on my hands!


Ramblings of a Crazy Mom said...

You had that happen to you today too? The icing on the cake is when they realize it won't go down and dig the toilet paper back out of the toilet and make a mess on your floor!

Mandy said...

It washes of, it washes off, it washes off!!

I have a VERY INTELLIGENT boy, and one intelligent little girl...(work in progress)

Theresa said...

I know what you are talking about...This exact thing has happened to me, many, many,many(many,many,many...well you get the picture) times!!! the problem I hve with it is that TP costs money and I do believe that over the years I have pulled at least 6-8 rolls out of my potty!! some have been flushed (not the roll the toliet!)...most have not! so then i grab the RUBBER gloves...and the trash...and get to work!!! luckily it hasn't happened too recently (knock on wood)!

Anonymous said...

I can tell by reading your blog and everyone's comments that we ALL are competing for having the next Einstein! HA! I swear - if Andon wasn't so cute, sometimes I think I might just give him away to the highest bidder!
I retured home from class tonight to find a very odd shapped, rather LARGE roll of toilet paper rolled onto our roll. Tom informs me, he walked in JUST in time...Andon had unrolled the ENTIRE thing..but luckily, only onto the floor. WHEEW! After washing the digital camera and spilling an entire sippy of juice on the carpet all within 12 hours...I'm not sure I could have handled anything else!