Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Like a Slap in the Face

If you didn't get the email, American Girl is offering free shipping on ANY order until November 25th with the checkout code GIFTSHIP.

So I guess I could have avoided dragging 4 giant packages through the streets of Chicago, and burdening my friends with them:)
And paying 10.5% sales tax...:(


Kristin said...

But the fun we had was PRICELESS!!!! I am go glad that you drug LARGE packages, 4 friends, and paid CRAZY sales tax...in my opinion...totally worth every penny!!!!!

Have a great day...thanks for the heads up...I can get my brush:)!!!

Theresa said...

I agree with Kristin! What is the fun of FREE SHIPPING!!! When you cannot spend an ENTIRE day (sunrise to sunset) with friends shopping...in CHICAGO of all places...we so need to get out more...Lets do it again!

oh yeah Thanks for the heads up...I don't need anything at this time! let me know if you need me to carry something for you though!

Laurie said...

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