Monday, November 17, 2008

All I want for Christmas...and Some Lake Effect

What a weekend. Season Opener means I was on my own all weekend with Jay sleeping in the woods. Sorry to report that I saw more deer(3) than he did. Oh well. he did get one during bow season. And of course there are couple more weeks left, and then there is muzzle loader season...{SIGH}
To make a very long and negative story short,The kids were monsters in Target, I nearly got shmucked by a giant truck merging onto the highway, and then my shoes were stolen(accidentally) at Reid's birthday party in Montague. I drove home in my socks. With 3 crying kids. That is the very condensed version.
But later last night as I was heading to the grocery store(at almost 9pm) Jason took one matter into his own hands: Yep, he pulled it out. The last tooth was a bear to find under all the stuffed animals she sleeps with, so I suggested taping her tooth to her door and then she wrote the tooth fairy a note on the chalkboard part.
Oh you should hear her talk! Too Cute. Its so much better now that both fronts are gone! And no, she's not flashing a peace sign, she's actually telling you that she got $2! Which is odd, because when I got home from shopping at 10:30, I was certain there was only a dollar taped to the door;) The MAN tooth fairy must have doubled her $$ before he headed out.
And here is what we ventured out into this morning. PRETTY. I totally forgot how to put my jeep into 4x4. This is our 3 or 4th vehicle with 4x4 in like 5 years. and they are all different. I figured it out for the trip home, which is a lot of slick uphill so it was all good. I just was not ready! Summer is wearing rain boots today. That's how unprepared(in denial) I was.

But the nice thing about lake effect snow it that it is usually still warm enough to enjoy it for a bit. I love how we all look like hobo's in the morning:] And that T decided to wear legwarmers instead of pants. And with CROCKS! ha!

As far a Grady is concerned, snow is a totally new experience for him. He loved it! Until he fell...


Mandy said... it! and that was you at target?? hahaha..just kidding..and one question how in the heck did you get your shoes stolen? I have to hear the story behind this one! when is our dinner date again???

Lori said...

One of the great things about living in Wisconsin.... No Lake Effect snow!

Stefanie said...

What a cute pic of Summer! Also the 1st snow pics are great... I love first snows - everything just seems so fresh and fun! I'm also imagining topping off a long day w/ no shoes - too funny!

Shelly said...

your shoes were stolen, that is too funny, and Summer looks adorable with her new missing tooth!