Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The List

I am admitting to writing this list more than once. The 1st time I was feeling bad and kept going off on tangents not related to what I was thankful for. Then I wanted to keep my list to the top 10 best. Well, it came out kinda dull and really didn't tell anyone anything interesting. Of course I am thankful for my kids, my amazing husband, and my friends. How about some slightly more random items? So here goes...

I am thankful for-

The coffee pot I bought Jason for HIS birthday. That I use everyday and he only uses on the weekends. Hey, he has girls at work who make coffee.

For Tide to Go

For lint rollers

For Lake Michigan. There is nothing like it.

For remote controls and cordless phones

For Blogger-my blog friends are the best friends ever.

For the incredible body heat that radiates from Jason and keeps me so warm at night. That bed was COLD when he was at deer camp!

For paper. Oh the joy of paper.

For uncontrollable tickle giggles

For boo-boo that are fixed by kisses

For fights that end well;)

For my dishwasher

For sippy cups

For Tylenol

Great googly moogly, for DIET PEPSI

For thursday night TV with Jason on the couch

And even if they fill landfills- for disposable diapers

For decent neighbors-we have had WAY worse

For our soldiers and vets and their families

For Sponge Bob

For cheese and all the people willing to pay the big $$ for it, ya'll keep a roof over our heads

For Nice n' Easy number 99

For paper towels

For pop tarts

For Jack Johnson music **sigh**

For Date Nights and the wonderful people who watch our kids so we get this special time to be just Jenn and Jay

You know that this can go on forever, and I love that. I feel all warm and fuzzy:)

Thanks to my friends and my family. In my life, I have surrounded myself with the most incredible people.And I didnt even realize it! We are raising some pretty incredible little people, too. This life is really, really good. I really cannot ask for anything more.
My pies even seem to have turned out!

Happy Thanksgiving


Mandy said...

oh I am sure you are thankful for more!! (wink wink) Great post...but you did leave one thing out!!


hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Kristin said...

I love your list...I can relate to most our your as well...they are all such blessings!!!

I am glad that you have "altered" your know I am here for you...let's go have a girl drink and be thankful for crazy bastards that give us money to buy more drinks:)!

Yes, the mission should be on your list....

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!!

Theresa said...

I am thankful for OPRAH!!! (GET TICKETS MANDY!)

awesome post! I may ammend yours and Kristins to make my own!

Theresa said...

oh yeah...WHAT MISSION!!! ??? HAHA

Lea said...

Great list girl!! I'm amazed at the responses I've received now being on Blogger....makes me feel good reconnecting with old friends.
Hope you survive your 10hour work day today!! I'm headed out in the mob!! :-D

Angi said...

Love your thankful list. My favorite was the body heat one....oh those are cold nights when brent is not home. I love that he warms the bed up before I come up.

Mya said...

Sorry I am a little late on checking out the list. BUT, I LOVE it. It's great. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing.