Monday, April 28, 2008

Yet another weekend update...

I feel like I am always writing about the past weekend! Mostly because I try to stay away from the computer on the weekends and don't update then and there.
The Girls painting. Started out as an idea for Summer's invites for her b-day party, but of course Teagen needed in on the action. So Summer painted a large #7 and Teagen did a # 3. ya know, for their ages. Still working on getting a good photo for Summer's invite. Yeah, we are letting her invite 12 girls from school for a party...pray for me. seriously.
And I couldn't leave out Grady. He is such a weirdo. It is so awesome.

So the weekend...Saturday Jason took Summer to her game in the freezing cold. I'm going next weekend and its supposed to RAIN. Lucky me. Anyway, they lost, but Summer was again, right in the action almost getting a goal right at the end. She is LOVIN' soccer. I had a guy approach me at the last game, basically recruiting for the high school girls' team. I guess they groom them early on in Muskegon. But I don't expect her to be in Muskegon at that point!
My friend Mya had her 30th b-day party Sat night and Kel and I went. My sweet husband stayed home with our kids and hers! Thanks Jason for letting us get out...even if you had just as many friends there as we did....we had so much fun, its been a long time for us getting out like that even if it was for a few hours! Woodchuck,bad karaoke,great friends and even a little good karaoke(thanks Dale!) Happy Birthday truly do seem really happy!! Awesome...
The only bad part is that I had to get up at 6am for a meeting Sunday morning and then work the entire day after that. I did get to go to breakfast with my friend Krystina from work before opening the salon. I was so beat by the time I got home that I was pretty much worthless. We tried to watch Lost on the computer but it was taking too long to load so we went to bed. Before 10pm!! That is crazy stuff for me. Never have been able to shake that whole night owl thing.
So now I'm off to be productive! Jason says if I get rid of 5 pairs of shoes I can get more! (long story-will be a post of its own..) And I have so many projects in the works that I better get busy and GO!

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Shelly said...

gee's Muskegon really takes their sports serious, thats wonderful that she like it so much, Kenzie has missed two of her games and has only been to one practice and does not like her coach, so we will see how well she likes it after saturday.