Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cheap Make-up

I also, posted this on MySpace. So you may already know...
A friend sent me a blurb about E.L.F.make up today…
As seen on Oprah
The company is being bought out by Nordstrom and has to get rid of all their inventory that holds their old logos (E.L. F.) so all of their old inventory is being sold for $1 per piece. And if you spend over $15, they will take $7.50 off your price by enteringthe promotional code CAROLINA (entered the coupon field prior to imputing your payment info) Less than $15…shipping is free!!!
And… it’s true! I already placed an order! I got a ton of lip stuff, mascara some nice brushes and lots more and it only cost me $15!!! Wahoo!Check it out here....www. eyeslipsface. com

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