Thursday, April 3, 2008

Signs of Spring

Every morning after dropping Summer off at school, The little ones and I drive around the corner and this is what we see...We drive the "Ovals" everyday, especially now to see all the changes. Just last week there were still icebergs out there! In another couple weeks they will take down the snow fences and the bulldozers will start leveling all the sand. I LOVE this time of year. And the smell of the lake and beach give me the worst (best) Spring Fever.
And here is my silly girl on our ride.
And a sideways one of this goofy guy. I cannot for the life of my figure out how to post these kind of pics, right-side-up. But I had to include this because so much about it cracks me up. 1st, the bed head. Wow, it must have been a rough night! The purple shades are funny too. And whats a good morning without a "healthy" Poptart in the car? But the best is what you might not have noticed. he is wearing a regular shirt with his pj pants. Teagen was also dressed this way. I never know what I am going to wake up to when I am working the night before. I love to see Jason's creations for Pjs. Lord help us if we ever need to get out of the car (in public)in the mornings. We look like gypsies! Myself included...even though I do pick out my own clothes.


Life in the Fast Lane said...

I absoluely love the beach down there. It is so peaceful and beautiful yet lively at the same time. I think everyone is overly ready for spring this year, I know we are! Very cute pics of the Kiddos! We sport the same attire when bringing Kendall to the bus some days also which is pretty bad since she is in afternoon kindergarten! Great job on all the scrap book pages, they are so cute. What a great way to pass on memories to your kids when they are older!

Kristin said...

I think spring might have sprung!! I hate to say that outloud, it might jinx us! I don't think I have ever wanted spring as bad as this year! It was a long winter.

I like the outfits. Way to be "individuals!" You are teaching your kids a great lesson. At least Jason puts them in pj's. Jimmy has been in "charge" of getting the kids to bed on a handful of occasions and I can say over 50% of the time they go to bed in their clothes. "Kristin, they fell asleep that way!" Of course they did, just like they would have fallen asleep in pj's!:)!