Monday, August 4, 2008

So now we're back, from outer space...

I know, I keep disappearing. But this is it until Wheatland. We will be living the last weeks of summer close to home. Goodness knows, we'll be busy enough with that. We spent Thursday through the weekend at my Aunt Julie's in Mason. They came up for a lake day last Saturday and took Summer back home with then. I made the 2 hour drive with the littles on Thursday morning. By the way, I understand that its cooler here on the lakeshore, but wow it was so much hotter there! At least 10 degrees warmer. Everyone stayed cool in the pools and sprinkler.
The Ingham County Far was going on right down the road and summer (and Amy and Kristy) got free passes from the library's summer reading program. Even though it was HOT, we had fun going through all the 4-H exhibits and petting zoo. Summer spent 20 minutes talking to an MSU Vet student about xrays and instruments. I know lots of kids want to be Veterinarians when they grow up, but Summer is serious about it!

Amy, Summer and Kristy lovin' a Llama.
And sweet Lisa took one for the team and rode the Himalaya with Summer. I cannot go in circles like that anymore without being ill. Lisa's 18, she can take it!
To Julie, Jim and the girls, thanks for a wonderful time and taking such good care of us. We were lucky enough to also spend some time with my Grandma and also my Aunt Linda. It was so fun see you both again and I will be really looking forward to Cookie Day!


Ramblings of a Crazy Mom said...

Glad your back. LOVE the picture of Grady picking his nose. That will be a great one for his graduation or wedding. HA!

Shelly said...

you are one busy lady, so glad that you are enjoying your summer, from all the pictures it looks like the kids are to. Can you believe it is almost over?

Mya said...

That picture of Grady is priceless.