Monday, July 28, 2008

We "Picked" a great week for camping.

At least that's what Grady says... But it was truly beautiful. We were just at Pioneer Park. Lots of memories from when I was a kid camping there with my grandparents. We went with Mya and Jason and their 3 kids, Mya's folks Connie and Randy and Dale and Melissa and their 3 girls. The guys( except Randy) all went to work every day except Friday(and then they all played volley ball 1/2 the day!) and us ladies held down the fort(read-went to the beach).
Here's a few fave memorable moments from the week...

Summer lost her 1st tooth!!!!! Who knew the tooth fairy visits campers!
This is Big Summer, Sara and Autumn. missing from pic....Little Summer. These girls were on their bikes ALWAYS. New found freedom is so sweet.
My Tea-Tea. I cant believe I don't have any pics of her and Chaley together. Teagen also attached herself to Mya. Very unusual for Teagen to stray from my side, ever.
But some of the best stuff happened after the kids all crashed. Dale played guitar and Melissa played ukulele at the fire each night( we are all a music-lovin' crew) One night we got a "last final warning" from a 20 yr old park ranger for being too loud and he made everyone dump their beer(oops!!) Another night Melissa and I ventured to the beach to see the stars when someone lit a firecracker(that went BOOM!) near us and we jumped into each others arms screaming like little girls and then we RAN us the steps as fast as we could laughing at ourselves for being such dorks.And of course no night would be complete without sitting up late and listening to Jason W.'s words of wisdom. Sorry if we teased you a little bit, its all in good fun and we love ya.

And finally, thank you to Bob and Joan for loaning us their awesome trailer. I hope it looked great when we returned it. Because of you guys, we were able to stay for more than a day or 2(all I can handle in a tent) And Melissa,Connie and Mya, thank you guys for such a great time. Your help with my little ones was crucial and Connie and Randy can cook up a storm at a camp ground.

Now its back to reality!


Mya said...

I am so glad that you guys were able to join us camping. We had a great time and many memories were made. We look forward to our next venture together.

Shelly said...

looks like you guys had a great time camping. It is so much easier camping in a trailer than a tent you are right, especially with kids. great pictures looks like you made really good memories.