Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sum Sum Summertime

This right here is why I LOVE summer! I have alway had a strange addiction to blueberries, but it got out of control with Grady's pregnancy. See, for me, in the good ol' 3rd trimester, I always craved fruit. in large quantities. and beverages too. Also in large quantities. But that summer I was due with Grady it was blueberries around the clock. Poor Jason was being begged to stop at roadside stands on his way home from work regularly. But the thing is that the craving never left. My quantities are much smaller(usually) but I just love them. Jason brought home 5 lbs and I had great plans for them in muffins, pancakes, coffeecake,etc...but they never made it. I passed the love to my dear son and he is an eating machine!

Anyway, aside from blueberries, we are trying to enjoy the last weeks of summer. Working on a yard sale for next weekend. Jason is working the next 26 days straight, so that puts a little damper on things but what can ya do? Enjoy what we got, right?

And for the music fans, I added a bunch more songs that I have been loving on my ipod lately. Got a few winners in there! Check it out....

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Life in the Fast Lane said...

Mmmm I absolutely love blurberry's too!! I took all the kids blueberry picking a few weeks ago, what a disaster! We all got eaten alive by mesquites, and a family of turkeys decided to eat Kendall's entire bucket of berries while she was chasing Parker down for me. (Having a daughter her age, I'm sure you can imagine what a tragedy that was!) Hope you guys are enjoying the last bit of summer, hard to believe it's comming to an end already! =)