Thursday, August 14, 2008


This has nothing to do with my post but.......I'm feelin a little snarky and this made me laugh. Found it on Etsy. I think its a card. The artist has a bunch of them, some were very naughty;)
I really should be sleeping, but its just not happening for me. Its only 11pm but the kicker is I gotta get up @4:30am with the Hubs to set up the yard sale no one wants to have(but I cant find it in me to just give everything to Goodwill without trying to get a little $$) I need his help hauling some big stuff and he goes to work SO early, so gotta get up with him. Wahh. Don't feel too bad for me...the littles have been sleeping till 9am lately, so I'm not hurtin for sleep by any means. I am setting the coffee pot. That should help.

Jason promised Summer she could have a lemonade stand for this stupid yard sale, but I am being a total Grinch about it. Ya know the spilling and all the guilting into buying and all that. Somehow, I am sure I will be doing most of the work on that. Jason did make her purchase all her supplies. But the girl down the road is also having one and she's got one of those fancy store bought set-ups. Her sign says 50cents a glass. We're walkin in like Walmart and going with 25cents. Oh yeah, we are totally like that. Watch, she'll probably have keg cups.

Wish us luck...Jason swears nothing is coming back into the house. I hate yard sales. Having them, going to them, all that. Its weird having people look at your stuff. It weird looking at other peoples stuff. Thank goodness I get to escape and go scrapbooking later on Friday!

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Jodi said...

You are killing me! I cracked up out loud over the walkin' in like Walmart comment. I am totally like that too! I would love to go to 101 tonight but Keith is coaching football tonight and working, too, so I have nobody to stay home with Kyle. Think of me often as you are making fabulous layouts! I will be pouting, sitting in front of Wow Wow Wubzy all night!