Friday, August 29, 2008

Little known Grady Facts...

OK, so this is mostly for me to help remember, but some of it is kinda funny.

  1. He is still in a crib. The girls were both in twin beds by 18 months old. I think I'll keep Grady in until he tries to climb out. He likes his bed and I'm not messin with a good thing.

  2. Like Teagen, he only breastfed. The doctor says, go away for the weekend, he'll take a bottle. I did. He didn't. He was pretty hungry by Sunday.

  3. The little bugger decided to quit nursing on my 30th birthday. Way to make your mom feel all old and dried up.

  4. During my pregnancy, Jason worked 2 FULL TIME JOBS. I was so lonely. He was just really tired. The prospect of 3 mouths to feed must have scared the Hell out of him.

  5. Grady's been a bit behind physically but way ahead verbally. This kid gets his point across!

  6. He's a bully.

  7. Me and my sister and both Jason's sister and sister in Law were all preggo together. We all had boys!

  8. Grady is the cutest;)

  9. He is the only one of my kids who has learned to open the ancient doorknobs to all the rooms in our house before turning 2.

  10. Like most boys, he loves motorcycles,cars and trains. Unlike most boys, he has a thing for Polly Pocket.

  11. Grady knows when a Hannah Montana Song comes up on itunes and screams "nontanna! nontaana!"

  12. He is always dirty. Always. I give up.

  13. Grady calls me "doge-y" He also calls me Mommy, but prefers to call me that.

  14. He calls Summer "Dora". Again,he is aware that that is not her name, but continues.

  15. He has taken to pretending that each mac n cheese noodle is a tiny telephone. he holds each noodle in his hand and pretends to dial a number. then he smashes it to his cheek and says, "Hello? Whats up? K, Bye."only one side of his face is covered with cheese at the end of the meal.

  16. Grady is warm and loving to everyone, gives out lots of hugs and kisses and says hello to everyone who crosses his path(seriously, everyone.Even the scary ones) Happy Birthday Baby. You are a blessing to this family. I am beyond lucky to have been chosen to have you. Now, about those terrible twos...


Jodi said...

LOVE IT!! I laughed so hard. Kyle loves Dora. It must just be a thing. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it. You have simply wonderful children with fabulous stories each to tell.

Melissa said...

Jen -You are the queen of cakes. I can't believe how cute that is!

Life in the Fast Lane said...

Happy birthday Grady!! He sounds like quite the little character, but absolutley adorable in every way!!
That cake is so cute. I love it! I wish I had more talent, my kids just end up with the ones from plumbs.

Mya said...

This post was awesome. I laughed out loud alot. Keep up the good work. Your family is amazing. I love your kids to pieces - you guys have done well.

Shelly said...

He sounds like a wonderful little guy. I love the phone with the mac and cheese, he's very original. What a doll. Happy Birthday Grady