Friday, August 29, 2008

Grady's Story

The story of our boy is a good one in our family. After the miscarriage, and then the birth of Teagen, I really was not sure about more babies. Not sure if it would even be possible, and if it was, it would take some work. It was New Years Eve, Teagen was 8 months old and still nursing a lot. I still had not had a period. I was feeling"weird". I wanted to have some drinks for New Years but did not feel comfortable about it unless I ruled out that I was pregnant. Bought a crappy generic test, knowing it would be negative. That thing was so positive that there were 2 lines before I even set the test down. Pure and utter shock. I already had a baby. I cannot handle another one! I am not one of those mothers that can balance all that! Oh my.....
So I still have the issue of Teagen only nursing, and me unable to eat. MY doctor says to keep on nursing as long as I want, she'll want to stop because my milk will change. TEAGEN'S doctor told me to stop nursing her. She'll be fine on food and a cup, but the 2 babies feeding off me will suck all the calcium from my bones. OK, I stopped! So I was so sick until about 18 weeks. I mean SO sick. I lost 20 lbs. Thank the Lord for Zofran.It is truely a wonderdrug. Piss on insurance companies for not covering the $30 per pill price. And thank God for Kristin who was amazing help to me in this area. I surely would have been hospitalized if it weren't for you. I did however permanently damage my upper GI with all the vomiting. Nice.

At 20 weeks we had the 4D ultrasound. We left the girls with Rachael(who was by now also preggers) and discovered immediately that we were having a boy! I was certain it was a girl. Everyone I know with 2 kids of the same sex have a 3rd of that same sex. I actually found out that baby #3 had an 88% chance of being another girl. We couldn't believe we beat those odds! Neither could Rachael when we got back and told her!

I think was due Sept 10th, but the baby was growing well and since I had to have a c-section(wanted to: I had had it both ways and I will take the surgery any day over natural delivery) after Teagen's, They scheduled me several days earlier. Which, it would seem obvious to normal people, ruled out Wheatland for us that year.(Wheatland is always the weekend following Labor Day)The year before, Kelly had her son on the 29th of Aug and still brought him to Wheatland. All I would have to do is convince my Doc to take the baby a bit earlier. Lucky for me a doctor in the same office has been going to the festival FOR-EVER and put in a good word for me. My doctor agreed to Aug 30th.
Perfect birth, didn't get sick(this time!) and I was totally with it. The nurses in recovery couldn't believe it. I was so happy and ready to jump in to this new adventure. I kept moving and was healing so fast with hardly any pain at all. 8 days after he was born, with my family claiming my insanity, we left for wheatland!
We were able to get tickets at the gate(yippee!) And borrowed Bob and Joan's trailer. It was a cold year so I kept Grady bundled up really tight, and he loved all the music. I stayed close to camp, only making the walk to main stage a couple times. It couldn't have gone better. It was a great opportunity to bond with our little guy while his sisters were off having fun with Grandma. I know its a total cliche, but I knew right away, that our family was complete. Our little party of five.


Rachael said...

Awww...I love Grady! I remember after Reid was born, we called them Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, because they were so chuncky! Happy Birthday Gravy!

Jodi said...

JENNIFER SCHULTZ...(I don't know your middle name)I took one look at Grady's announcement and got goosebumps everywhere and even teared up a bit. What a gorgeous little piece of heaven!!

Oh, and I'm glad there is another of us out there...I, too, preach c-sections. #1 was "C" and #2 was normal. There would have been no #3 if the rules hadn't changed!! Keith asked right away into our dating if I would ever want more children. I told him "yes" although I was totalling playing the dating game, because I knew he wanted children and was quizzing me. Once I found out I had to have a "c" It was YES all the way, baby! Some say you forget the pain of childbirth after seeing your baby...nope! Some say that you "forget" the pain over time...nope! 3 cheers for cutting us wide open and letting us get on with our lives! Too bad we don't live in Hollywood...our "c" woul've been followed by a (hush hush) tummy tuck!! :)