Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Savoring Every Second

So here it is, Tuesday. School starts in 1 week. Last week we tried to do everything on the Summer 08 List that has kept getting push off. Starting with the Cousins Sleepover.Jess and Kennedy stayed and were both a lot of fun. Kennedy had a few rough spots, but she's only four and really did well for her age.
After a very musical visit with Jason's Aunt Barbara and Uncle Paul from Cali, we decided to jump in to the world of the Ukulele. Seriously, we got on ebay that night and started hunting for good deals.Since Jason already plays guitar, he caught on rather quickly and can already play a few of my favorite Jack Johnson songs. He is teaching me, but I am a lefty so he has to teach me the chords upside down. If you were wondering, mine is the sea turtle one;)
The kids are wild about them. Look who else is a Lefty!!!
Summer has a few chords down. Right now she's into writing her own music.
Don't worry Teagen, You'll get your turn. (Don't tell, but Daddy is getting each of you your own for Christmas!)


Jodi said...

You always seem to amaze me with all of your talent and worldly goodness. Kudos to you and yours!! Keith has a guitar and started out gung-ho (??) but had a hard time with lessons. He can't get his left hand to hold the right strings down. He had a brain tumor removed 6 years ago and it left him without a lot of use and feeling in his left hand. Maybe one of the kids will pick it up. All that I went through to get that damn thing here for Christmas one year...someone better use it! :)

Mya said...

I love the new music gadgets. Can't wait to mess around with them at WHEATLAND. The time is getting closer....yay.