Friday, October 31, 2008


Here are the eyeball cookies I made for Summer's class. Very easy, just sugar cookies(I cheated and used the Pillsbury ready to bake dough) vanilla frosting, green gummy lifesavers, choc chips for the pupils and red decor gel for the veins(lovely). FYI-I made 40 cookies and required 2 bags of lifesavers and 3 red gels. It also took 3 packages of cookie dough because while I was baking (during dinner) Jason helped himself to a handful. Apparently he thought I was just being nice and baked him cookies.
He made a trip to the store.
So as I am typing, Grady just approached me with a strange red smear on his face. That little bugger used a stool and helped himself to a cookie! Good thing there are 10 extra, just for circumstances like these:) Teagen wants nothing to do with them. She thinks they look gross.
And I leave with a pic of our "Bubba-Dog", Griffin. The night we did pumpkins, he and our other (smaller) dog, Chase, got into it when she tried to take a snack away from him. For one of the 1st times in 9 years, he let her have IT. Totally not his nature at all, ever. He is a gentle giant and just the sweetest. I seriously watched one of Rachael's kids step on his front legs a few weeks ago and he never even budged. he is so good. But Chase has been pushing her luck all over the place and he had had it.We were actually worried that he hurt Chase, but she's got that terrier in her and is tough as nails. Griffin on the other hand is still hurting 3 days later. I think he pulled something in his neck when he lunged at her. He paces, and follows me everywhere. He cant lift his head too high and isn't sleeping well either. He is getting aspirin twice a day and is perking up a bit.
He finally found a cozy spot yesterday on Teagen's bed. I wasn't about to kick him out.
Get better soon, buddy!


Mandy said...

yup...totally stealing your idea! I love having such a creative friend!! I guess I shouldn't say stealing...I am borrowing!!! Great cookies! Sorry to hear bout your doggy! Hope he is feeling better!!

Jodi said...

I am also in line but will have to wait until next year. Super cute. Thanks for sharing. I will be sure to give you all the credit when I make these!!!

Theresa said...

I HAVE that same recipe (got it on line!!)...Was going to make them, but the kids wanted rice Krispie treats and finger Jello pumpkins instead!!! SO much easier...!!! Plus I would have had to make like 100!!! for all the kids classes and of course (like you found out) the XTRA ones for the HOUSE!

Hope your PUP feels better soon!!! You know my Pepper is like that...the kids can step all aver her and she doesn't budge, until they are finally all settled and then she goes and finds a safer spot to be!!!

Hope you have a GREAT Halloween!!!

Mya said...

Love the cookies! You rock. Super easy too. Hope the puppy gets better soon.

Jennifer Witham Buck / Graceful Expressions said...

Wow... so cool! Your kids are super lucky to have such a creative and fun mom!
Hope your dog feels better soon - hopefully all of the excitement tonight might perk him up!
Have a great halloween... post more pictures - they are fabulous!