Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I once read a blog post on what NOT to write in your own blog. He said to never use the word "random". Seriously, its MY blog, dimwit. He said it will be boring to your readers. Honestly, his blog bored the pants off me and I no longer read it. So here are some random bits and pieces.

I was told that ya'll needed a pic to prove how bad the ugly duckling really is....
packaging is just fine. unbelievable.
I had a craving for homemade mac n cheese tonight (the cruddy weather brings that on)so since I needed to get my glasses in town anyway, we went to walmart to get the stuff to make it. I also decided on some new art supplies and this hat...
This is the cutest thing. I have to say that I normally do not EVER buy character clothes EVER. There are no Dora or Diego shoes in my house. I barely allow mickey(thats a hand-me-down above) or princess stuff. Not my style. Nothing against it. I prefer PLAIN. However, I adore Yo Gabba Gabba! It is like watching hip modern art performing. It is colorful.It is weird. I love it. I would wear this hat if they made it big enough for my giant head. For the record, Rachael also bought this hat for Reid. Its reversible and came with matching mittens. He's a true lefty, I am so proud...
Teagen is currently obsessed with these velvet posters. This time is was a whole pack of Tinkerbell ones. They are now hung all over the place here. She is very careful when coloring and spends a time on it.
Summer's hair looks strange but she just has her hood half up with a head band on. She made a beautiful "Peace" poster. Its kinda funny because Summer is always the peacekeeper of the house. She's just trying to get he message out!
More random. Have you seen these?

Are you ready for this? They are Crocs!!!!! I about died. I so want to try a pair. I just don't get it. I need to touch them, because I do not believe they are like regular Crocs. But I guess they are. I admit that I bought a pair of the mary janes in black in September. They are pretty cute. I love them with cropped pants. Good "Mom" shoes for the every day that slip on and off but are more than flipflops and all the "skimmers" that I usually wear all summer long. And I have 2 pair of the original style that I wore when I was preggers and when they first came out, but keep them only as slippers these days. They are just too big and crazy looking. But these, these are pretty sweet.
And one more, the glasses. No diamonds. But they are lovely. I swear they give me a face lift. They are purple and they are made in Denmark. Which is fine because that's where Jason's company is originally from. And his boss. And Jake Bak. And I am pretty sure there are no sweat shops there. So that's good. I may even post a pic later this week.
I am skipping the debate tonight and watched John and Kate+eight and now there is some freakish pageant babies show on that i will not be able to help myself and watch the whole thing.
That's all I got.


Jennifer Witham Buck / Graceful Expressions said...

that is so funny - I watched about 5 minutes of the debate and then flipped channels, and ended up watching Jon+Kate (I was upstairs trying to finish a scarf I am knitting) Did you catch them on Good Morning America this morning?Great interview...
Crocs are super popular at work/Calvin and actually one of my friends had these on the other day and I still could not believe they were crocs... good find!

Kristin said...

I am glad that all is well with you. Has the count down began for Jason's arrival home?

Love the hat and the crocs are cute. We went to the NASCAR race this past summer and that have a "croc stand" for lack of a better word. They sponsor a truck and had all their new versions out. They have come a long way!!! They are comfortable and are suppose to be good for your feet...I am glad that they are finally getting cuter.
Speaking of the hat!!! Oh, and the duck thing...too funny!!!

Mandy said...

Great post! I love reading your posts! Love the shoes! They are so cute! I have a pair of face tye dye crocs that I ONLY wear to get the mail or play with the kids in the backyard. They are so ugly but comfortable. I really like these though..may have to check them out! You better post a picture of the glasses..I want to see them! You must be so proud that Grady is a lefty. My dad is a lefty and ever since day one he as tried to "make"both my kids a lefty..failed with Ryan, and he is still working on Madison!! TOO FUNNY!

Anonymous said...

I cannot tell you all the different styles of Crocs we ran across while shopping on our girls trip 2 weekends ago. They had heels, pumps, something similar to stilletos, mary janes, you name it - they had it!! I didn't try any on, but they felt amazing!!
If you get a pair, post how they feel while wearing them, would you??

Ramblings of a Crazy Mom said...

I love your randomness. Very entertaining to read. Love the crocs and I love the hat. yo Gabba Gabba is so fun to watch with the kids. Finally a kids show I can actually stand watching. Wonderpets is cute too!.