Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Calgon, take me away...

Just had a few of those moments today. I mean, there is always a few every day, but some days affect me more than others. Today I yelled. A lot.

Summer is so pokey in the morning. It drives me crazy. She gets distracted easily. We get into the car, she's finally buckled(2 carseats and a booster is not conducive to easy buckling) and she forgets to brush her teeth. I still get her to school on time(today, that is) and I get home with the littles and its just one annoyance after another. Grady sits on Teagen. Yes he's younger, but he's bigger. Teagen is refusing to got to the bathroom alone. Come on. It was just irritating to me. She's made because she thinks I dressed her in Summer's clothes. They are not, but she believes that they look like something Summer would wear. What? I buy both of their clothes, and accept NO input from them. So all their clothes look the same because its my taste!

OK, lunch. Chicken Nuggets. We all leave the room for a second(milk fill-ups) and Chase has stolen a plate of nuggets. For the most part, our dogs are very trustworthy with food that is on tables. But in her old age(shes 10) Chase has kinda rewritten the rules and helps herself to whatever she wants if no on is watching. So I wasn't very nice to her. She's spending some time outside today.

The kicker of my day so far(its not even 2pm) is I just left the room for 2 minutes(bathroom) and come back in to find Teagen and Grady having a stompfest on what was a sleeve of ritz crackers. Cracker crumbs everywhere. I have never seen such a mess. Too bad I sent the dogs out!(that's what I get for being such a meanie) I will never get rid of all the crumbs. It was on the hardwood floors, but of course we don't have laminate, or even newer wood floors. Nope, these are the 100 year old cracked and dented floors. With lots of spaces for the crumbs to hide. I'm getting the dogs to lick it up(I'll mop later)...

So writing it all down has put it in perspective for me. I count myself pretty lucky that this is a bad day at my house. I really have it so good. Its fun to actually have it all written in one place. I love blogging. I love my kids. I love my husband, and yes I love my dogs too.

I leave you with a pic of "The Tank" This is from this past summer, but its football season now and he loves to watch it. Calls out"game!game!" when its on TV. I can't wait until he can play.


Jennifer Witham Buck / Graceful Expressions said...

"The Tank" love it..! You have going to have a great football player on your hands.
You are right to put it in perspective, It has been hard for me to actively do that lately. Last night I had a wake up call when my friend, Michelle, who is fighting colon cancer, her husband just lost his job yesterday. They have two little ones. You have a beautiful and healthy family, ritz cracker crumbs and all...
I miss the old wood floors in my parents house - I wish we had them in our home!

Mandy said...

It is so nice to hear that these types of situations happen to others. I really sometimes feel it only happens to me and I am the only parent who loses it and will yell at my kids. But I guess it's all human. We are all blessed even when we are at our worst!

Ramblings of a Crazy Mom said...

Wow your day sounds like mine. Different activities but all in the same. All of the hugs and love we get from our children makes these kinds of days worth it. Light a candle, take a bath, and eat some chocolate. You'll be better tomorrow.

hien k. d. said...

this post is so funny, Jennie. what a day!! nothing's ever perfect, but then again - it's great even when it's not perfect. so nice that you can come around to realize all the good things in your life and laugh about it a little. and - yes, kids are amazing, but - really, i think parents are even more amazing. cheers to you for everything you do for those little ones. :) love the picture of "the tank!"

Angi said...

okay, here is a picture for you, your cousin (Brent) babysitting his first born when he is only about 15 months old. I left him so rarely alone with babies....well, I come home nad Brent has fallen asleep in front of the TV and Grant is no where nearby. I go looking and find him in the kitchen having the best time playing IN an entire bottle of vegetable oil. He is literally sliding around on his belly in it. We slipped around on that flooir for TWO years!! LOL

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Mandy said...

Man I totally agree with the post above this one! Well put!!