Monday, October 6, 2008

Whats new?

Nothing much here. This is T this morning in Grady's room picking her favorite national flag off the world map. So cool seeing the kids take some kind of interest in the big world. Summer has asked for a globe for the last 2 Christmases, but I am just not sure where she could put it, their room is bursting at the seams as it is. I guess if we moved the Polly Cruise ship...;)
We have Jason back from his mini hunting trip, and he will leave again soon for a much longer UP trip. Yuck, I did not sleep for crap the whole weekend. I stay up too late, and leave the TV on. Terrible, I know. Plus before Jason left, he planned on getting the furnace ready to go in case it got cold(it did) but I told him not to worry about it and that we would be fine. Needless to say, it got so stinkin cold the dang thing came on anyway(I am guessing it was turned down to 5o degrees). I was happy to see it would be in the 60s this week.
What else...Summer has school pics today. We got up and I curled her hair and she looked so pretty! Then we went to the car an saw that is was raining and foggy, and I basically watched her hair go straight and frizzy. Oh well. That's why we only buy the tiniest package they offer. mostly for a yearbook and just to have a copy of the pic. Geskus completely sucks and I would tell it right to their faces. Theresa's story on her son is the best example of this ever. I am so sorry Theresa. I would have choked those idiots.
I got new glasses last week. Its been 7 years. That's crazy. Whats crazier is that inflation has gone up so much since then. I think I physically hurt Jason when telling how much the whole thing cost.( of course he has PERFECT vision and is a bit clueless of the needs of the blind like me) Seriously though I was horrified myself, and I am adding good vision for my children to my prayers. For real, $69o. Glasses, contacts and exam. Unbelievable. And I turned down all the extras(except scratch guard/glare reducer) I told Jason it could be my Christmas present. He laughed but I am sure he considered it.
And on the subject of Jason, he found yet another flaw in my blog writing. Its a bit embarrassing for me, I really do require an editor. In my last post I wrote that I was precariously living my life though my daughter, when of course it should have been VICARIOUSLY. I know this. Its my George Bush kind of faux pas. I have a few words that I ALWAYS switch around. that's one of them. Who else caught it? Never mind, I don't want to know.
On the agenda for this week: I have to get a filling this week:( it will only be my 3rd one ever, but still. And actually I am getting 2, one on each side so I think I'll bring a bib for the ride home. Also I am planning a project for a baby shower for next week, and need to get that squared away. Working on dessert for that shower too.
Other than that,its the daily grind. Oh, and after hunting season, I am going to look for a job again. I am thinking retail. Easy, lots of hours to choose from and discounts! Gotta make a little Xmas $$, without sending my kids to daycare. Also looking into setting up an ETSY shop. more on that later:)


Mandy said...

was that 690 bucks for glasses, contacts and exam??? My goodness. I usually get contacts every year, and then glasses hmmmm....I think it's been about 4 years!! hahaha..I do need new ones, but I think I will just use some duct tape after reading how much your visit was!! Duct tape does come in colors now!! Your update is great! I could go on and on and on and on..but well, I just won't!wink wink!~!!

Theresa said...

WELL, what an update!!! Sorry to hear about Summer's school pic day! I am sure she still smiled pretty, (unlike Tony, I am still not sure WHY he looked so UNHAPPY!!! just Tony I guess).

I need new glasses too!!! BUMMER, there goes my Christmas present!! HAHA I need frames lenses and an exam!!! I have passed on the contacts.Sometimes I wish i didn't have to wear those STUPID things!!!

Good luck finding a job..I hear ya on the xtra money thing!!! there never seems to be enough XTRA money for the FUN stuff!!!

Shelly said...

thats crazy about you having to pay that much, you must not have insurance? I have insurance and it still cost me almost $300 dollars two years ago for new glasses, right after I got them Hailey and Ashley got a hold of them and bent them every which way imaginable. I only wear them when no one is around. You should have went to the eye care one in Whitehall, the doctor there is so worth the money, he is hot and loves to flirt, (just ask Lisa)