Friday, October 24, 2008

Mom and Dad need time too

So I get to have a suprise date night tonight! Rachael needed a sitter for tomorrow so we are doing a little sitter-swap. The only downer is that we can't go out together!

So what should we do? At first, we were totally going to the Red Wings game. But after really thinking that through, it would cost us more than $300 and thats just silly. I can think of a TON more things to spend $300 on. Like paper. kidding. sorta.

So then I got this idea that I wanted to go to the Melting Pot in GR. Never been, but I love fondue(who doesnt?). However, after spending some time on their website, I realize that we wont get out of there for less than $100. Not sure I can justify that. Even if our dates are "seasonal"(about 4 times a year) thats a lot of $$ for dinner. Again, that equals a lot of paper. OK and other scrapbook and art supplies.

Most likely, we will end up at El Burrito, have a few drinks, and shop for Xmas gifts. I even have free movie tickets, but we cant stop talking long enough to sit through a movie. And there is nothing I really want to see.

Anyway, good luck to Rachael with all the monsters. And thank you Rae-Mae.

And I 'll post tomorrow on what we decided:)


Jennifer Witham Buck / Graceful Expressions said...

hey jen... Fondue it!

I recall seeing a coupon in our Grand Rapids Magazine for $15.00 off... I don't know if that is enough to sway you or not, but thought I would share...

is a printout it is good until Nov. 30

Also, if you sign up for the Fondue Club you get a free dessert fodue.
This is a favorite place of ours, we go every so often - it is pricy, but a very relaxing dinner, great drinks, menu and wonderful service. Plan on at least 2 hours. They have very private tables that are nice... it def. is well worth it. If you have never gone before, do it - it makes for a great night out.

Mandy said...

Hey Jennie! Have fun tonight! You deserve whatever you do, and oh yeah..I will get my 10 bucks from ya when we go to chicago!

Angi said...

aww, loved your comment about not being able to stop talking long enough to sit through a movie....