Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day 7 and counting...

If its any indication of how I am doing, I am on my 2nd diet pepsi of the day and its just 11am. If I wasn't so tired, I would have made coffee. About 2 days ago the kids really started to work my nerves. I did get out last night and Joan watched the kids so I could go and help with a friends baby shower. It was fun and was with all my "We Can Cook" girls. that's just a funny name for a once a month excuse to hang out and make yummy food that our husbands would call girly, and drink wine(or whatever) We did it up baby shower style and it was really fun. Our friend Amy is having a little girl. We haven't had a baby in the group since Grady. So it is of course, exciting.

So anyway, it was fun, but a stressful day, and I was not very nice(here at home) I had to clean the house, make dessert and get the group scrapbook project that Mya and I planned. Cook dinner for the kids and still get myself ready. I also had baby gift drama. I have to share this...

I found this cute little pull along ducky. The package is boasting, "EverEarth" kid safe, ecofriendly, and made from wood from renewable forest. Organic, recycled, and all that "good" stuff. I am thinking,"what a great addition to the outfit! a cute little eco-friendly duck!" Amy is a bit "granola" and I thought she would appreciate a toy like this. So as I go to wrap it, I open the box to double check that its all in one piece. Its so cute! I turn it over and my jaw drops-literally. Stamped permanently HUGE on the wing is MADE IN CHINA. What? Freakin' idiots. I am so writing to that company. There is no reason that it couldn't have been a sticker. I buy a lot of stuff from China. I don't like it, but it is more important to me to make my house payment than to buy all organic food and clothing and toys and clothes that are not made in China. (like Honduras or Indonesia are any better, lets be realistic here) But I certainly don't want to give an earth-friendly gift stamped Made in China! Yuck!

But don't worry too much about me. I will be fine today. I am relaxing, mostly. I got the call that my stinkin glasses are ready, so I am going to see if maybe they have diamonds encrusted in the frames(they were probably made in China....actually at that price, I a sure they were made in the USA!) The kids are watching TV, and I am OK with that. I just wish they wanted to watch"What Not To Wear". Summer has Spanish Class tonight, and we are eating leftovers. Maybe I'll go play with paper. I just miss Jason so much. He could be home early if he gets a deer. That would be nice. He is such a pain, I love him. The kids miss him, the dogs miss him, and I hate taking the garbage out and pumping gas.


Life in the Fast Lane said...

Sounds like its been pretty hectic around there lately. I know what them days are like!! I sometimes take for granted all that Brian does to help keep things running smoothly around here until he's gone for a few days. =)

Anonymous said...

You are too funny!! I love reading your blogs because your life sounds like the typical days I face. Ok - except, I give you a TON more credit because you deal with the kids ALL day long. I at least venture out to the office for 9 hours a day. (Not that I enjoy that...but a stay at home mom I am not.)
Hang in there...the deer hunter widow time will be over soon!
Take care!