Tuesday, October 7, 2008

She's an American Girl

Another Tom Petty song for Jodi! LOL!

So Summer has been asking for an American Girl Doll for a while. I actually got her a Bitty Baby ages ago on a Chicago trip, and to be honest, she was not into it. There was no way I was spending $100 on a doll (with hair that can be ruined!) that she would only play with once or destroy. She has never been a doll kinda girl. I wasn't going there. But this past spring she decided she was going to save her own money to get one. I am thinking , yeah, right. She gets $6 a week for cleaning the living room each night and keeping her room and Grady's room picked up. She also sets and clears the table after dinner. She basically gets paid for cleaning up after her siblings. So at $6 a week, it was going to take a while. I started to change my tune once I noticed that we would go to Target and she would bring her $$ and choose not to buy anything. Not even Petshops, which are an obsession in this house. In August, we had Xmas with Jason's Grandpa Schultz. He gave each of the kids $50 and made it clear that he wanted her to pick something special with it. We usually make them deposit it all in their accounts, but this time we allowed her to use it towards her doll and some accessories. So this is Julie. She is from the 1970's and the newest American Girl Doll collection.
Summer adores her. I am amazed to see this girl play with a doll.

I promised Summer some photos of her and Julie so she could share them in Show and Tell.
I love seeing her take such great care in setting the doll up.
This is the set that she got to go with the doll. A dog walking set of course! Summer's dream come true! And we also decided that Summer was going to dress like Julie for Halloween and be a hippy girl! She's going to be so cute!

The best part about it is that I can get her very specific stuff for Xmas and will not be so bombarded with playsets. Its nice stuff that will not break, will not take up so much room and that will get played with and not forgotten 5 days after the holiday. My Aunt Julie did this with all three of her girls(who are now 18, 16 and 13) and their stuff is still beautiful and treasured. I want that for my girls too.

So anybody want to take a road trip to Chicago?


Kristin said...

I am there...when are we going???

I went back and forth about a hundred times with this American Girl thing when we were in Chicago this summer. Ashley is my doll girl, but she is three. Alli NOT a doll girl, but thought she wanted one. It is hard to swallow that kind of money on a doll, but if they treasure it..money well spent!!!

I LOVE the hippie idea. She will be too cute!!! GREAT photo op for Summer and Julie...can't wait to see those scrap book pages!!!!

Mandy said...

I want one!! I am with Kristin..when do we leave!! We are getting Madison a bitty baby this year for x-mas and of course some of the other things that go along with her! I can't wait to start buying the american girl dolls, and go to a tea party with madison!!! How fun!!

Mya said...

I do not think Chaley is ready for this kind of doll yet. However I am in for the trip - that would be fun. Who knows maybe I will change my mind once I am there. Too funny that Summer is going to be a hippie. That is what I suggested to Chaley this year. We will see what happens.

Amber said...

I'm always up for a trip to Chicago...our house is on the way there for you and we are only an hour and a half away. Oh, and we have an Ipass for the tolls!

Jennifer Witham Buck / Graceful Expressions said...

oh, I am so in...
let's go!
I know the way there like the back of my hand -
My brother in law's mother makes american girl doll clothes - you should see her place (in Chicago). It's amazing..
My sister has an original Samantha from when they first came out in the 80's and I never got one, but I so wished I did. I was never a doll girl, but I have to admit over the past few years I started collecting the Marie Osmond Disney series and I am reliving some of my childhood. An American Girl doll is on my list... I hope when we do have/adopt kids, we will be blessed with a little girl!
What an awesome tradition, you guys!

Jennifer Witham Buck / Graceful Expressions said...

Amber if your I Pass runs out, we have ours - LOL!
Michigan Avenue?

Okay, that would be an awesome day trip...

Take the train from Michigan City?Stef & I did that a few years ago and it was $12 both ways and awesome - you come up from the station right by Ann Taylor on Michigan.

Halloween Doll Clothes Gal said...

Love your post - like the pics. They look so cute.

Stefanie said...

Hi Jennie :)
Sweet pictures. You're daughter will be adorable dressed up like her doll (Btw - the story about you and Indian princess made my day, too funny!). For some reason, we just got an American Girl catalog in the mail. Not sure how I got on the mailing list?? I shocked my husband showing him the prices of the dolls and started to warn him that this would probably require a special trip to Chicago one day!

Kelley said...

Jenn, you and your family are amazing!

Life in the Fast Lane said...

That doll is so precious!! I think I want one! ;)