Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Upnorth Getaway

Last Friday a group of us girls left for the weekend at this cozy lodge in Wellston. Where is Wellston? I have no idea. We got a little lost.
So the original plan was for scrapbooking but others were invited just simply for the escape. We ended up with 6 girls and had a really good time. I got way more done than I usually do. I think 6 pages and a little project. ( I'll try to post later)Lots a relaxing and just hanging out.
Mya, me, and Melissa. I had so much fun with you guys. We look sweet in those stunnar shades!
Pine Lake. I bet its really nice when its not completely frozen. This cottage would be a great week of summer vacation. there is TONS of room (LOTS of beds) you could easily get 4 or 5 families comfortably in there for a week. Great kitchen, nice bathrooms, the whole works. Our downfall...each of us packed enough food for the entire group. It was insane. I guess thats women for ya.

And a shot of the girls. On our way back from the bus stop. I love this simple shot because years from now it will tell us so much about them. Teagen in her matching coat and boots, looking to me more like she's going shopping or something. This girl wants to look cute. And Summer, pure utility. Ski jacket and heavy duty snowpants because this girl is gonna PLAY! She doesnt care what she looks like as longs as shes playing. And She can get dirty too!(explains the black coat) I remember taking her to preschool and we would have to all wait outside for the bell to ring. Summer would run and run and run with the boys and I would see all the little girls standing together talking and giggling. They stayed clean and did not have hair like a wild banshee. Shes changed some, but its still all about the playing! Hey, whatever. Do your own thing. I'm getting pretty good at the whole stain-removal thing.

So I am thankful for great kids, great friends and a WONDERFUL husband for kicking me out of the house for a weekend so that I could enjoy it all. Love that guy.


Life in the Fast Lane said...

Sounds like a great getaway for the weekend, and even productive at the same time! The lodge is so peaceful looking. Glad to hear you had such a wonderful time!

Shelly said...

How nice that you got to get away, I would not even know what to do with myself. I would probably be worried about what was going on at home or something. I really need to learn how to relax more. Glad you had a wonderful time. Great Pictures...